[BD] Family recipe, the graphic novel that cooks you (Glénat)

Unclassifiable graphic novel, Family recipe is a generous album of some 320 pages whose character design is immediately noticeable. Sign James Albon as a complete author, Family recipe evokes the destiny of two brothers raised on an island by their Scottish farmer mother, far from the cities and the superficial concerns that surround them. Until the day they inherit from their uncle and aunt.

tulip and his brother Rowan will then leave to settle in town to make the family property a restaurant for tulip and a farm for Rowan. We therefore follow the ups and downs of their adventure until the immense success of the Chef tulip thanks to his signature: his brother’s mushrooms. Yes, but now, these unique mushrooms seem to obey no rules and Rowan has a hard time getting them to grow. tulip will not stop worrying until he finds an explanation… rather dismal! The story then quickly takes another turn, much more disturbing.

An interesting scenario that surprises as much as it seduces. It is the same with Albon’s drawing, which is difficult to tame due to its irregular lines and its colorful graphics.

In short, Cooking recipe is an unclassifiable, which manages to cause the reading without difficulty from beginning to end. An experience to try.

Excerpt from the comic:

Editor’s Summary:

Cuisine, terroir and tragedy!

After obtaining an inheritance, Tulip and her brother Rowan leave the austere comfort of their small Scottish island to take up cooking. Rowan will cultivate succulent organic vegetables in an idyllic market garden while Tulip will open a restaurant in town to serve these healthy culinary delights to the swarming and poisoned populace of the streets of London. But it’s not easy to break into the ruthless world of gastronomy…until the day they come across a brand new species of rare and incredibly delicious mushroom. This find will attract customers in droves, catapulting their small restaurant to success beyond their wildest dreams! Pressed by the demands of a starving city, Tulip desperately seeks to unlock the secret of this new ingredient’s growth. But how far will he be able to go to feed his insatiable ambition?
Should we sacrifice our ideals, our integrity, and even our own brother, to feed our own ambitions? Family recipe is an addictive and tasty graphic novel that speaks as much about gastronomy, agriculture as our relationship to the land and family ties. It is also and above all the revelation of James Albon, an artist with bright colors and a very pronounced graphic personality, representative of a new generation of protean and demanding illustrators.

Release date : August 24, 2022
: James ALBON (Scenario and Drawing)
Gender : graphic novel
Editor : Glenat
Price : 27 € (320 pages)
Buy on : BDFugue

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comic book-family-recipe-the-graphic-novel-which-cooks-you-glenat Family Recipe, the graphic novel that cooks you (Glénat) Unclassifiable graphic novel, Family Recipe is a generous album of some 320 pages whose character design is immediately noticeable. Signed James Albon as full author, Family Recipe evokes the…

[BD] Family recipe, the graphic novel that cooks you (Glénat)