Baby girl abandoned in front of the San Gerardo hospital: Alice will soon have a family

His story has moved the whole of Italy. Alicethe name is the same as the oyster that found it in front of the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, will soon have a family. There baby girl, who is just 17 days old today, she had been left in a box by his mom in front of the Monza hospital.

It is about 5:30 in the morning, on August 30th, when a nurse is entering the hospital to start her shift. Suddenly moans attract her attention. The noises come from a box placed on the hood of a car. Inside a baby girl of a few hours wrapped in a blanket. Alice, the infirmary, takes her into the hospital. The doctors visit her and she turns out to be ven been in the world for a few hours. The baby is fine: is in good health and Hispanic features. She is given the name Alice, just like the woman who saved her.


The agents of the General Prevention and Public Rescue Office – Flying Squad of the Monza Police Headquarters also arrived. In recent weeks the searches to track down the baby’s biological mother. The woman left her daughter in front of the hospital so that someone found her and could take care of her. A gesture of love together with cover and diaper with the words “super star” which was found in that makeshift bed.

The story of little Alice immediately activated the Brianza solidarity machine: a fundraiser, cribs, toys, diapers, dresses, and everything you need so that the baby girl doesn’t lack for anything. A thought also to her mother who, after giving birth, she did not undergo any checks. A lot of apprehension for her and her state of health.


Now the girl will have a family: many have applied to be able to adopt it and soon the little girl, who is now lovingly cared for by the staff of the San Gerardo hospital, she will have two parents ready to take care of her.

“Numerous phone calls have arrived in the Municipality from couples ready to adopt the child. The procedure follows special care to protect the little one. It is good for the community to express closeness and empathy, but there are fundamental steps to be respected for the good of the little one “, explains the councilor of the municipality of Monza, Egidio Riva.

The confirmation comes in an interview with La Repubblica by the president of the Juvenile Court of Milan, Maria Carla Gatto.
“After the ten days in which the parents could recognize her, the registrar formed the birth certificate and gave her a name and a surname and thus the procedure for choosing the couple among those who they gave their availability to the Juvenile Court. Within 15 days, the little girl will receive affection and care from her family

Letizia Moratti: “Do not fear judgment, give birth in the hospital”

“Do not be ashamed, if you do not want to recognize the baby after delivery; however, always rely on a hospital“. Like this Letizia Moratti has launched an appeal to all parents in difficulty.

“We must not be afraid, fear judgment; it is always better to choose to give birth in a hospital as a first solution. It is possible to do this anonymously ”.

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