The delivery of intervention helmets to young recruits is always a highlight in the life of the Civil Security Training and Intervention Unit No. 1 (UIISC 1).

The inhabitants of Perche rarely have access to the ceremonies of taking up arms. They were able to attend, this Wednesday, November 23 in the evening, on the Saint-Pol square where 45 young recruits from the Civil Security, engaged volunteers of the Army, from the contingent of October 2022, received their helmets.

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A strong, solemn and unforgettable moment for these young recruits.

This ceremony under the command of Colonel Jean-Philippe Nicot, commanding officer of the UIISC1, completes the first two months of initial general training.

An intense day since in the morning, the young people had carried out a 25 km memorial walk from the Plainville maquis to Nogent-le-Rotrou. “The heroic example of these resistance fighters shows us the way, never give up, never give up and always work to fulfill the mission entrusted to us”, underlined the head of the UIISC1.

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He added :

“This helmet symbolizes your entry into the great family of relief, and particularly into those of the military formations of Civil Security. You have completed your first two months of initial training by walking with helmets, the physical and moral effort that has been asked of you corresponds to the values ​​that our elders have bequeathed to us and that you will have to do throughout your career. Be proud of the helmet you will receive. It is the symbol of your commitment as a rescuer. Always honor our motto Serve to Save. »

Jean-Philippe Nicot (head of the UIISC1)

Their initial general training completed, the young recruits will join two units of the Civil Security Military Training (FORMISC): UIISC7 in Brignoles and UIISC5 in Corté to continue their technical training. They will then be ready to go on exercise and on a mission with their elders. The strength of rescuers is to be versatile and to be able to intervene on all types of disasters, at all times and in all places.

Army – Ceremony of the handing over of helmets: 45 young volunteers join the large family of Civil Security in Nogent-le-Rotrou