Ángel Correa, breadwinner at 10 years old and with a huge heart

Rosario striker Ángel Correa, who will urgently join the Argentine National Team in the World Cup Qatar 2022 replacing the injured Nicolás Gonzálezhad his debut with the albiceleste shirt in 2015 at the hands of DT Gerardo Martino and has 22 official matches with three goals.

The striker emerged precisely from the Boedo club and, when he went to Atlético de Madrid in 2014, in the medical examination they detected a cyst in a ventricle: heart disease stopped the transfer. Correa then had to undergo more medical studies until he underwent surgery in New York, United States, and after six months he was able to set foot on a soccer field again.

“Angelito” always remembered that he became the breadwinner for his family when he was just 10 years old and he earned a few pesos playing ball. “When my father died, I took the money home. The income I had from playing soccer was the only thing that came to my house to be able to eat my brothers, my mother, or me.”

“I had a representative who gave me a salary and I gave it to my mother, who managed it. They gave me help for my family and that made me happy, ”said the man from Rosario. From the sadness of a few days ago to this rematch, even if it is the consequence of a teammate’s injury.

The sadness when it was left off the list

“I have a huge sadness. She had the illusion of being able to participate. It was a very hard blow,” Correa said just a few days ago.upon arriving in Argentina, after being left out of the initial list of 26 summoned by DT Lionel Scaloni.

“I wish the boys and the entire coaching staff the best, who will undoubtedly give their lives to represent the country in the best way. We are going to be cheering until the end of each match,” he added. then the attacker of Atlético de Madrid (Spain).

In those days his wife, Sabrina Di Marzio, wrote an extensive message on his social networks to support him:

“Never doubt the career you chose, never ever question what you are and what you are not capable of, much less let other people’s decisions influence your state of mind and make you think about whether or not you are capable of meet some goal, ”he published along with a family photo.

“I live with you and I see the daily work you do and, to be honest, I don’t think anyone else does. That perseverance to train, to do ‘physio’ 5 out of 7 days. To feed yourself as you should, not to go out to restaurants and eat at home,” she added.

«You are a super responsible, reasonable person with a lot of head. We will always be here for you, in the good times, in the bad times, and when it comes down to it. We will always accompany you here or wherever. For us you are essential ”, he closed the message, in which a photo was also seen with his daughters, Lola and Luz.

His new call, replacing the injured González, was celebrated by San Lorenzo who wrote from his official Twitter account: «You saw that football ALWAYS gives revenge! And of course, Ángel, that dribble could not be missing! Correa to the World Cup And all of Boedo celebrates it… ».

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Ángel Correa, breadwinner at 10 years old and with a huge heart