Andrea Valdiri encouraged her family to play secret friend

Andrea Valdiri made a photoshoot in honor of the month of love and friendship. Instagram: @andreavaldirisos

There are only three days left to celebrate in Colombia the day of Valentine’s Day, or as some prefer to call it, the date of love and friendship. Some public figures like Andrea Valdiri prepare to celebrate romance and fidelity. A space that, as she has implied with her followers, is obviously not going to let it go and she is willing to celebrate it.

To commemorate the date there is a traditional game called secret friend or invisible friend. A very popular activity in which groups of friends get together to give each other details without knowing who has given each gift. The idea is that, after the famous “sweetened” ones, the biggest gift is given and each participant should be satisfied with what was given.

the couple of Philip Saruma he let his fans know through Facebook how they are the rules of the dynamic that aims to have ‘the jackpot’ on September 17, which is when Valentine’s Day is officially celebrated. She is so excited about this season of caring and giving from her that she even decided to add her daughter and the people who work for her to the list of people they will exchange gifts with.

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Andrea Valdiri plays secret friend with her daughter. Facebook: Andrea Valdiri Ospino

After recording the initiative and distributing the pieces of paper to each participant, Valdiri chose to eat the one of the person who will receive a gift from him. Furthermore, in the post Adhara is seen having fun while saving “his mother’s secrets” Apparently, the little girl realized the name that was on the paper that Andrea had devoured.

Between laughs and when everyone was clear who they had to “sweeten”, the interpreter of ‘Violento’ and ‘De Revista’ made clear some of the conditions of the game: The final installment may not be less than 100 thousand pesos and must deliver ”with invoice in hand”.

“I don’t accept 20 thousand in sweets…”, said Andrea Valdiri, to which one of her acquaintances replied sarcastically, “Don’t you accept four mangoes?”

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As seen in the video clip, which lasted around six minutes, not all of the singer’s relatives were present at her hometherefore, to avoid forgetting any of those who made up his check list for the game, he took his cell phone and called them one by one. The woman from Barranquilla took her pieces of paper out of her bag, showed them to them and avoided checking them so they wouldn’t tell her that she was cheating.

As expected, the fashion and makeup fanatic received hundreds of comments highlighting her privileges and personality. In addition, some recalled the photos that the content creator uploaded to her Instagram account in which her intention was pay homage to the day of love and friendship.

“I definitely love this woman, she is a beautiful person. She radiates only good vibes, happiness and all the most beautiful. Blessings, all who have the pleasure and privilege of belonging to her circle of friends and family, who value her for who she is and for how happy she makes them be with her overwhelming personality. Happy day…”is one of the messages that Andrea received on Facebook

Andrea Valdiri's'gift' to his followers for the celebration of Valentine's Day. Instagram: @andreavaldirisos
Andrea Valdiri’s ‘gift’ to his followers for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Instagram: @andreavaldirisos
Andrea Valdiri spoke about self-love on her social networks as part of the celebration of Valentine's Day / love and friendship. Instagram: @andreavaldirisos
Andrea Valdiri spoke about self-love on her social networks as part of the celebration of Valentine’s Day / love and friendship. Instagram: @andreavaldirisos


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Andrea Valdiri encouraged her family to play secret friend