An incestuous late afternoon against the backdrop of a family drinking binge judged in Saint

A 55-year-old man was sentenced to five years in prison, including three years in prison, by the Saint-Malo court for a rape reclassified as sexual assault, committed on a 15-year-old girl. ©DR

The 55 year old man judged in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine) this Thursday, November 17, 2022, seems completely overwhelmed by events. “I haven’t been to school much,” he told the judge, who simply asked him how old his son was. “I don’t know his year of birth”, breathes the defendant in whom a “mental insufficiency” was underlined by the expert psychologist.

facts of rape

He is appearing today for incestuous sexual assault. But the facts with which he is charged could have been qualified as rape and earned him the Court of Assizes if they had not been “corrected, in agreement with the victim”, recalls the prosecution.

Beers and cannabis between cousins

The facts in question go back in the summer of 2014 and take place in a town near Dinan (Côtes d’Armor).

That day, the victim, 15 years old at the time, came to find the son of the defendant, who was 17 years old.

The meeting takes place in the grandparents’ house, in the middle of the afternoon. The two teenagers drink beers and smoke cannabis on the veranda. The defendant joined them around 6 p.m., after work. He offers an aperitif to his son and to the one who is the niece of his former companion. It will be whiskey for everyone.

Carnage upstairs

It’s not yet 8 p.m. The two “cousins”, drunk, go upstairs and lock themselves in a room.

A few moments later, the grandmother goes to see what is happening there. She then surprises her grandson, the pants and the underpants on the ankles, lying on the ground, his face bathed in his vomit. Her cousin is lying naked on the bed.

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The teenager is asked to immediately leave the room… and go to her uncle’s. A few minutes pass. And as she finishes cleaning the floor, the grandmother hears a scream coming from the other bedroom where she discovers the teenager under the sheets. The old lady’s son is at her side, his fly open.

“It came like that”

“I penetrated her twice. It’s not good. I apologize, “will eventually confess the defendant to the gendarmes after his DNA was found on the girl’s underwear.

“What went through your mind? asks the judge.

“I don’t know, it came like that”.

“He should have protected her”

She was in a vulnerable state. When she came to her room, her uncle should have asked her to leave or to leave the room himself. He was there to protect her. Instead, he took possession of her body. She woke up and smelled it on him. It’s horrible.

The victim’s lawyer, Me Virginie Solignac

6 years in prison required

Also castigating the attitude of the defendant who “took advantage of the situation and the second state of his niece”, the deputy prosecutor requires 6 years in prison, with immediate arrest warrant.

“He’s not a pervert”

We are not on a repeat offender profile. My client has never made inappropriate gestures or remarks. He has no sexual deviance. He is not a pervert who presents a high risk of recidivism. I do not understand the severity of the prosecutor’s requisitions.

The defendant’s lawyer, Me Nathalie Amil

The word of the defense also refutes the notion of incest. “My client had been separated from the victim’s aunt for 12 years! He had no authority over her.

Three years in prison

After a long deliberation, the defendant was finally sentenced to five years in prison, including two years suspended on probation. He will have to follow care and work. He is prohibited from coming into contact with the victim and with minors. His name is listed in the file of perpetrators of sexual offences. He will be incarcerated on December 12.

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An incestuous late afternoon against the backdrop of a family drinking binge judged in Saint-Malo