Álvaro Uribe reiterated his rejection of the sexual education project: “Who educates children, the State or the family?”

Álvaro Uribe asks that the sexual education project for young people not be approved. Photo: EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda/File

The Democratic Center has been one of the main political fronts that opposes a bill in Congress that seeks to Educate in public and private schools on sexual education. The natural head of that party, the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez, He has raised the most ironclad comments against the initiative and, in the last hours, he has launched new criticisms again.

Through his Twitter, where it is very common for him to issue questions, he shared an interview with various media outlets in the country where reiterated his thesis that gender ideology cannot direct education of Colombian children. With this, once again, he urged congressmen to reject this initiative that continues to cause controversy from different sectors of public opinion, such as religious and ultra-right like uribismo.

“As a grandfather, as a father, from the Democratic Center, I call on congressmen not to approve this project,” invited Uribe, who is currently still being investigated for the crimes of procedural fraud and witness tampering.

Álvaro Uribe (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)
Álvaro Uribe (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

According to the former president, this initiative would affect, in his opinion, the happiness of the country’s children. He even assured that the minors’ tutors have to be the ones who direct the little ones on these issues. “They do not anticipate to the child some issues that affect the happiness of childhood. Let the child be a child and let the parents take the initiative to guide them”, the former senator also exposed.

In addition, as he has recently done on his Twitter account, Uribe advocated for the State not to interfere in the sexual education of the Colombian student. Likewise, he reiterated that from his community they have ensured to care for the family and that the alleged gender ideologies do not interfere with traditional models.

“The family induces values, the teacher must dialogue with the parents in front of the child, but not replace them. The role of the State is subjective, exceptional. For example, that the abandoned child be cared for by family welfare,” said the head of the Democratic Center.

In fact, although he said that in his party they supposedly respect “freedom and privacy,” it does not seem to him that gender ideology is what determines the sexual orientation of boys and girls in Colombia. “With gender ideology they say that the child is not born a boy or a girl, but culture determines him to be one thing or the other. The determining factor is not culture, the determining element is nature and everything is coming into place. Do not anticipate to the child issues that affect the happiness of childhood ”, asserted the former head of state.

Álvaro Uribe reiterates his rejection of the sex education project

These comments against the initiative promoted by Congresswoman Susana Boreal, from the Historical Pact, are not new. This week, for example, Uribe had already entered to intercede so that the project was sunk. In his Twitter profile, the former congressman from the Democratic Center assured that neither the State nor other currents should influence the pedagogy of children and adolescents.

“The child should be guided by the family, not the State, less the tendencies of gender ideology”, trilled the natural head of the Democratic Center where, in addition, he suggested to the country’s teachers how they should act in the face of the education they provide to Colombian students.

“The role of the teacher should be the dialogue with parents, not replace them in the guidance of the child,” said the investigated former president, who is still involved in the process for procedural fraud and witness tampering.

On the other hand, Uribe had assured that “gender ideology does not build freedom, but it does destroy values ​​and tries to invade the jurisdiction of the family to guide the child.” In addition, he defended tooth and nail, as his political movement in Congress and other spaces has done, the traditional family model.


Álvaro Uribe reiterated his rejection of the sexual education project: “Who educates children, the State or the family?”