Alleged kidnapping of the family of the alleged ambassador

-Hello? huh? what? Can not be! Did they put “the hooks”? -and without asking what he did or what that “innocent boy” reoffended, the tremolo cucuteño lament tore the continuity of that fateful dawn.

“What if that man turns into a toad?” Or worse, what if, under the pretext that the DEA is going to cut the cuticle of the big toe of his left foot or the entire arm with which he signs checks, he leaves us out, like the guayaberas? It must be released, no matter what it costs (to the Public Heritage, of course, because to my pocket, not even with the petal of an alms!).

Faced with such Cartesian doubts, there is no other remedy than to get down to work -or to the mess of legs, even the mustache, as we will see later:

Last Monday, due to the allegations of the tax of the accusation against the alleged ambassador and/or the least presumed figurehead which is pending before the Federal Court of South Florida, USA, we verify the mother of atajaperro who was armed in the cenacle of the idler, from the moment he was forced to metabolize the unfortunate arrest.

The “Man with the Braguetazo”, then known as “Otto von Bismarck RoboLucario”, immediately unsheathed his only and very meager work tool, but realizing that the circumstances demanded real caliber artillery, he began to fire letters of protest, right and sinister, like a madman. To Interpol. To the authorities of Cape Verde. To FIFA. To the Congregation of Nuns of the Most Precious Blood. In no letter did he invoke the implacable diplomatic quality of the prisoner, a costly omission that, now, the implacable Floridian prosecutors take advantage of, procedurally.

And how could he invoke such an investiture, if in Venezuela even the unendowed, including our “Bolivarian” Bismarck, know very well that state officials are totally prohibited from contracting with the latter? (Article 145 of the Constitution) Who was going to swallow the Chinese or Arabic story that someone who was years old, enriching himself illegally, rudely, exorbitantly, with the sale to the government of food not suitable for humans, supposed to feed our impoverished little children, was he going to give up that scramble, to take up the post of ambassador in the very heart of the African bush? But the collective panic fuels the imagination.

It consists of the aforementioned file, that after sending pa’l the very cipote to the Constitution, the laws and even the “Urbanity Manual” of MA Carreño, the favorite mega contractor, already installed in his dungeon, was anointed, with five, read well, anointed with five different alleged immunities, mutually exclusive, which has served the vehement prosecutors, for the cruelest mockery? of two other old documents to travel, of the prisoner himself -excuse me, of Your Excellency, the ambassador- the first issued by the Republic of Colombia, expired years ago and the second, issued by the Venezuelan authorities? The prosecutors burst out laughing every time they analyze the tome. And that copy of the Official Gazette, containing the fictitious investiture, clearly forged, if it is compared with the respective printed original? In such a case, 911 had to be called because the judge did not stop laughing and the risk of a heart attack was imminent.

The aforementioned bum is holding hostage in Caracas the wife and five children of his alleged figurehead and ambassador! What was missing. Incredible but true. Blackmail between cronies is common in the underworld of international organized underworld. The complaint, concrete, thick and direct, from his captivity, in Miami, from the husband and father of the kidnapped, dated February 23 of the current year, shimmers in document number 95, pages 13 and 14, “FLSD, Docket 02/23/2022” of the aforementioned court file.

Likewise, it is evident from said court records that, shortly before his imprisonment and his hypothetical investiture, the express plenipotentiary paid the shadowy DEA the $12,500,000.00 bribe as part of an indictment agreement. Anything goes to save your skin. This ratifies that there has not been, does not exist, nor will there be any reciprocal affection or loyalty between the “ambassador” and his alleged boss, nor that the aforementioned collective kidnapping is for His Excellency to refrain from giving away, because he already did so when delivered part of the loot. It was necessary to gag for him to stop singing. The vehement indications do not lie: Everything indicates that the current kidnapping is for the plenipotentiary to “loosen” the kidnapper, via Zelle, wire transfer or from penny to penny the millions (millions, of red blood cells, do not think badly) that hides in some remote bank (blood bank, don’t keep thinking worse).

The dog bites its own tail. Kidnapper of the figurehead of the kidnapper. It’s not a pun. At this time, no one can be sure who is the impersonator and who is the impersonator. Or which of the two is the figurehead himself or the true President of my hurt Venezuela.


Alleged kidnapping of the family of the alleged ambassador