“Alexander’s drama questions us all”

They are close to the family of little Alessandro, I know the family members, respectable people, worthy of esteem. This tragedy spurs us to give greater impetus to education and training, to pay attention and closeness to the world of young people and adolescents. The boys must be listened to and accompanied. As a Church we must do our part. Just like couples, families need to recover the centrality of the dimension of faith ”. A few days after the tragedy that involved the community of Gragnano, in Campania, for the death of the very young Alessandro, 13, in a desperate gesture after falling from the window of his home on the fourth floor, Don Gerardo Cesarano, parish priest of the church of Virgin of Carmel, she expressed the need for closeness to young people by calling everyone into play.

So far six (five minors and one adult) have been identified as the alleged authors of the insulting and threatening messages sent to Alessandro’s mobile phone, who died Thursday in the town of Naples.

The shutters of the shops of Gragnano on the day of the funeral were lowered, while in the church the archbishop of Sorrento-Castellammare di Stabia, Monsignor Franco Alfano, commenting on the Gospel of the Beatitudes tohe experienced the harsh consequences for those who did not live following the path of peace and respect, trampling on their brothers. Meanwhile, the investigations continue, conducted at the same pace between the prosecutor of Torre Annunziata – which has opened a file hypothesizing the crime of instigation to suicide – and the prosecutor of the court for minors of Naples. Entries in the register of suspects would be imminent after the funeral saw the family huddle in desperate pain. The city mourning envelops the town in a moment of reflection for a sequence of episodes that have severed the existence of a young student.

We are behind the church of San Leone, where for 21 years Don Luigi Milano was at the side of a lively community, capable of making young and old alike reflect. “Bullying is a phenomenon that develops because the boys they are not educated to recognize, appreciate and value themselves. They do not self-esteem – comments the priest -. It is the reaction of those who use aggression and violence because they feel inferior, or even none, useless. To give himself a tone, the bully associates himself with others who suffer from the same ‘ghost’ condition and thus the herd is born which, perhaps due to a sort of unconscious projection, exerts a negative, suffocating pressure, which causes those who suffer from it to perform , extreme gestures that can lead to suicide. A child, during a Eucharistic celebration, last year said: the bully is one who is afraid and therefore hides himself in violent gestures ”.

Alexander’s death, initially labeled as a domestic accident, now looks like a suicide. An act caused by bullying and therefore there are 6 suspects: four minors (three boys and a girl) and two adults. “CI believe that this tragedy must concretely shake all parents, so that they have the courage to prioritize priorities: put first the need to dedicate time to their children, every day, to get to know them in depth and be able to communicate in an authentic, true way – comments Don Luigi Milano -. Many are left to fend for themselves and therefore become aggressive, bullies. Synergies must be created between the educational agencies responsible for education ”.

“Alexander’s drama questions us all”