Albisola, the great solidarity chain saves an Afghan family from the Taliban

A story that has had a happy ending after many, many vicissitudes.

She arrived today in Albisola Superiore thanks to a chain of solidarity with few equals, an Afghan family, made up of a father, mother and two daughters (one of the two, former coach of the Afghanistan national volleyball team, Gulaghai Hekmat) who were in Iran escaped from the Taliban regime.

In recent months, thanks to the interest of the former municipal councilor Franco Tessore, the municipality had made the premises available at the Sanctuary of Peace and the mayor Maurizio Garbarini himself had written to the Italian ambassador in Tehran Giuseppe Perrone and to the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Italy, Hamid Bayat, to request the issuance of visas for humanitarian reasons to all family members to be able to leave Iran and reach Italy, where, upon their arrival, reception will be guaranteed and entry into the institutional circuit of international protection in agreement with the Central Service of the SAI Network.

In fact, the Iranian authorities had already announced their repatriation to Afghanistan once the Visa in their possession expired, with a clear risk to their safety given the current difficult situation on Afghan territory.

Attached, the first Albisolese citizen had sent the letter from the eldest daughter of the family, Gulaghai, in which he illustrated their situation and sent an appeal request to one of the solidarity realities of the third sector engaged in supporting people in difficulty.

“Gulaghai in particular would be sentenced to certain death as a former coach of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team and therefore a woman athlete and also as a former member of the police force under the pro-Western government of Ghani – ex councilor Tessore explained to our editorial staff. , graduated in Law and History, currently a university student of United International Sciences with specialization in Afghan history and culture and has consolidated contacts over time with various families, inside and outside the Afghan state – The entire family belongs to the Hazara minority ethnic group , Shiite, always persecuted with particular ferocity by the Taliban, Sunni fundamentalists “.

The family had obtained the Iranian entry visa at the expense of the former city councilor and was in Tehran. Tessore in his letter addressed to the mayor and the councilor for social services Calogero Sprio, had attached the communication sent by the city of Turin to the competent embassy for the issue of Visa to another Afghan woman who had followed with the lawyer Riccardo Morielli of Millesimo, and what time it is in Italy.

Subsequently, in November, the first positive developments had come thanks to the involvement of the National Arci in the person of Filippo Miraglia, the Albisolese municipal administration, the Local and Provincial Anpi, the Luceto Company and various associations present in the area with the family that she was thus able to obtain a visa.

But at the start a shower more than cold. Upon boarding in Tehran with the regular entry visa to Italy, the passport and the one-way ticket, they were not boarded by the airline because the visa and the letter from the Embassy written in Italian were not enough.

So I got in touch with another agency and managed to change company and managed to book a plane ticket for today with arrival in Malpensa.

In the afternoon, the welcoming committee in Albisola and a story that ended in the best possible way.

Albisola, the great solidarity chain saves an Afghan family from the Taliban