A weekend with the royal family

Yesterday, I watched the 1 p.m. news from Leïla, because because of Canal, I no longer have TF1, at home it’s Vincent Bolloré who has the zapette, he decides what I watch according to the chains he’s mad at, when i realized i was his little thing i started to get sweaty. I don’t know if I said the words “oh yes my Vince, do what you want with my fiber”, or if I only thought them. But I also watched the 2 out of loyalty for Leïla, this courageous lady who works at Sunday mealtime, it’s been 6 years since she drank chicken juice.

So the beginning of JT la reine, then there was the culinary report, entitled “small dishes in the screen”, the person who validated this pun has of course been executed since, it was about the almond, not what Hidalgo puts on you just because you have a scooter, the fruit. Then there was the culture page, Benjamin Biolay, to differentiate it from the almond, Biolay is the one that is not stuck in a cup between two cashew nuts, or else you have a huge cup and that it is really torn.

Finally, Leïla launched 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, the program whose brainstorming to find the title was the shortest in history “what time is it?”, “1:15 p.m.”, “what day?”, “Sunday”, “oh, guys, I have an idea”. It’s simple, everything should be like that, love, we would call it “11:30 p.m. on Saturday”, interviews with Sandrine Rousseau, we would call it “even at that time?” or ?”. And so 1:15 p.m. was devoted to the French heads of state that Elisabeth II knew, that is to say all from Philippe 4 Le Bel. She went through the 20th century, the great Zaza, she died at 96, her husband Philip at 99, it retains royalty, except in France, Louis 16, 38, but it was not his fault, there is had an outburst of insecurity, he got screwed by cailleras, sans-culottes, the Kardashians of the time. But otherwise, monarch, we age well, Juan Carlos, 84, every Monday he has a zumba workshop, and in Denmark, Queen Margrethe II is 80 years old, she is perfect, it must be said that the cold, it freezes, she has the life of a frozen pizza, her friends call her Mamie Buitoni.

That’s why on Thursday, when we learned of the death of Elizabeth II, we all did “what”, we believed in it even less than in the return of the Kangol beret. 96 years for a queen is the equivalent of 24 for a Chinese who makes iPhones, it’s too early to go away.

When I found out about the queen, I almost wrote on Twitter “RIP little angel, you had so much left to do, Korean pop, this tree climbing course, life is just a corgi female”. I’m sad, in fact, I’m happy for Charles, at 73 he got his first job, it works as badly as in France, Pôle Emploi, but that’s it. Only it’s badly done, it went directly from Charles to Charles III, without the 2, you do that in Hollywood, all the fans of the franchise fall on you.

Yes, because there was a Charles 2, in 1600, and another before, so he is 3, to be sure he was the 1st, he should have been called Mouloud or Timéo, they don’t have not thought of at the time. Or Cynthia, which means that today we would have a degenerated prince, a prince. Stop, that would have been modern. Me it was my soap opera of the weekend, I followed everything, the death of the Queen, the proclamation of the King, yesterday, the coffin of the Queen, he made all Scotland in 4 hours, even when you order something in Amazon Prime, it goes slower.

At one point I received an alert from BFM titled “the incredible silence of the crowd as the queen’s coffin passed”, I don’t know what they expected, someone to do as at Roland-Garros when Nadal goes to serve, that he starts shouting “allezzz”? But finally, of course, when passing this coffin we keep quiet, it’s not Bob Sinclar who died, there it will be ok to climb on the coffin screaming “put your fucking hands in the air”. Me, I’ll tell you, I must be a bit of a monarchist, that’s why I like to observe French presidents so much, because this silence respected by everyone, already at my age, I appreciate it, even at Center Parc at 4am there is always a rabbit to crumple a fern and make noise, nothing there.

And then I like this solemnity, this deference, we are still talking about reddish people in kilts with teeth and ears out of all proportion, they look like paintings by Salvador Dali passed through the fondue set, who H24 don’t give a damn not a train, and there it is considered great. The sovereign in the United Kingdom is the reference, there is his face on the notes, the coins, you pay with Apple Pay, on the screen there is the head of Charles which appears and which says “150 pounds dinner for two without the drink, it’s up to you, man, but it’s not cheap”.

The rest to listen to and find on video!

A weekend with the royal family