A family from Seine

Mathilde and Samuel Comont have built, with their entourage, their own container house and their adventure can be followed on the 6ter channel from Thursday 15 September. (©Facebook La maison des Comont / Containers)

Living in a house made of shipping containers, yes it is possible. And that’s what the public will discover by following the adventure of a family, the Comonts, who made this bet in Criquetot-sur-Longuevilleclose to Dieppe (Seine Maritime), in a new program on the channel’s program 6terfrom Thursday, September 15, 2022.

Reduced construction costs and times

The concept ? Several families are followed in their project of construction or renovation of atypical house, for several months. All without getting help from companies. In the case of the Comont family, it is indeed a self-construction.

In real life, Mathilde, 30, is an adviser to the Dieppe employment center and Samuel, 39, is a trainer in the industrial safety sector in Rouen. They are parents of little Fleur, 3 years old, who will also be seen on the show. Both are singers/musicians and are regularly seen performing in the area.

They have also already renovated a presbytery, and Samuel also has other renovations to his credit. But this is the first construction from A to Z. “The presbytery is made up of small rooms and we wanted larger spaces, explains Mathilde. And while watching an American TV show, I discovered a container house project. I spoke to Samuel about it and we were immediately won over. »

Technical advantages

Indeed, beyond their unusual appearance, shipping containers have advantages in terms of costs – they had to fit within a budget of €300,000 maximum – and reduced construction times. There is also the idea of ​​recycling containers destined for destruction, the concern to limit the carbon footprint of construction.

We started to learn about the technical aspect, says the couple. Then one evening, we took several boxes of Smarties. We started placing them, in fact we made a real 3D model with these little boxes.

Mathilde Comont

The adventure begins. After a few initial hazards – there will be some throughout the project – land is found at Criquetot-sur-Longueville, ideally located for Mathilde and Samuel, not far from their loved ones, and convenient to go to work. The first pickaxes were given in December 2021. The containers arrived on January 28 and the family moved into the house at the end of June. During all this time, having already sold their old house, Mathilde and Samuel lived in a rented gîte near Luneray.

Every weekend on site

“We worked on this project every weekend, on public holidays and vacations, they recall. All the hours were counted. And relatives, family and friends, were there. “My father, who is in the business, helped us a lot,” rejoices Mathilde. We have also been supported by friends who are knowledgeable in the field. In fact, this house is collective. We are the architects, the prime contractors and contractors, but it is indeed the collective work that has made it work. »
Inevitably, the path was strewn with pitfalls, in fact the difficulties were linked: building permit complicated to obtain, floods which delayed the progress of the project, without forgetting the roof which was a constant concern and which still causes some concerns.

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A synthetic image of the final result produced during the project.
A synthetic image of the final result produced during the project. (©The Comont house / Containers)

An indoor swimming pool

“It was very hard psychologically and physically,” says Mathilde. I think it will reflect very well in the show… I cry a lot! Our daughter also toasted a lot, with absent parents, very busy, and with a full head. But later, she will see that she participated in it, on her own scale. »

But in the end, the joy of living in an extraordinary habitat is there. The single-storey house has a beautiful surface of 240 square meters. Mathilde dreamed of an indoor swimming pool, she now has one, which sits in the middle of the house.

Today, we have no regrets, we are more than happy with the rendering of the house, explain Mathilde and Samuel. Of course, there are hazards. For example, we have chosen a flat roof, and there is infiltration that we need to watch out for. We are also waiting to spend the winter, to see how our materials react, to find out if we have made the right choices in terms of insulation. But already, when there was the heat wave this summer, when it was 40 degrees outside, we maintained 24 inside maximum. »

Mathilde and Samuel Comont

Of course, such a house is not without surprising those who visit it: “Those who discover the house tell us that we are crazy, but they find it wonderful. Just like us. Since we have been living here, we have received a lot and the reactions are heart-warming. We are told that it is sublime, pretty, large…”

Inside, with the pool in the middle of the room.
Inside, with the pool in the middle of the room. (©The Comont house / Containers)

Innovative projects

“Objective house is a new program to discover on Thursdays on the 6ter channel at 9:05 p.m. Each year, more than a million French people become owners, presents the channel. Building or renovating a house is often quite a challenge and the adventure of a lifetime. For a year, seven families opened the doors to their construction sites. »
With of course all the adventures inherent in any real estate project, all the more so here, since these are projects led by individuals. There will be six 54-minute episodes, over four Thursdays. Each time, we will follow the projects of several families at the same time. We will thus discover families from all over France, who have built a house as a kit, transformed a factory into a dwelling, taken over a family castle, etc.
“It went really well with the cameraman Ludovic, says Mathilde. During all these months, he came every three or four weekends and stayed there for two days. Sometimes it took time, you had to redo the scenes. But anyway we were very busy, we didn’t have time to take pictures or make videos. This will give us a document that follows our project from start to finish. When I am sure that the house is well done, I will surely laugh at the hazards we have experienced and it will be a good memory. »

Practical information :

Objective house, program to discover from Thursday, September 15 at 9:05 p.m., channel 22 of TNT.
The project is also to be followed on the Facebook page The Comont’s house / Containers

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A family from Seine-Maritime built a house out of containers: their adventure on TV