7 things to know if you want to change your last name

I have the right to substitute my mother’s name for my father’s

True The new law on the change of family name allows you to change your current name to that of your other parent, but also to join the names of your two parents in the order of your choice or to reverse the order of their two names that you already bear. Attention ! This possibility of change at the town hall being offered to you only once in your life, take the time to reflect before starting the process.

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I can take a new name

True If the change is requested for a legitimate reason (ridiculous name, insulting, francization, extinction of a name carried by an ascendant…), you will be able, within certain limits, to choose a new name. Probably not Gabin or Deneuve, but possibly Cossu instead of Cocu.

To do the process, just go to the town hall

True In the three cases listed in the first question. All you have to do is fill in a Cerfa form and send it by post or hand it in person to the town hall of your place of residence or birth. After a reflection period of at least one month giving you the opportunity to change your mind, you must confirm your request by presenting yourself in person at the town hall.
Fake In other cases. The procedure remains long and complex. In particular, it involves filing a request with the Ministry of Justice. The assistance of a lawyer is recommended.

I can take my wife’s name

True Male or female, as soon as you get married, you can use your spouse’s family name as your surname, alone or joined to yours in the desired order.

Divorced, I have the right to keep my ex’s name

True But with his written agreement, and this can be temporary (until the majority of children), limited to your professional activity and it can be challenged at any time before a judge. For your part, you can also seek the authorization of the judge during your divorce, or afterwards, if you justify a legitimate interest for yourself or for your children.
Fake In case of remarriage.

After a PACS, we can join our two names

Fake You may not use the name of your PACS partner or that of your partner as a username.

I can give my name to my child

True If you did not do so at birth, as the mother with parental authority, you can easily add your name in second position to that of your child, as a matter of practice. However, the other parent with parental authority remains free to challenge your choice before the judge. And you will have to obtain his approval if you want to replace his name with yours or put your name before his. In any case, you must also obtain the consent of your minor child if he is aged 13 or over.

And for the first name?

In theory, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is make a request to the civil registrar of the town hall of your place of residence or the place where your birth certificate was drawn up. However, it is better to prepare your file (certificate, medical certificate, etc.) by demonstrating how this first name harms you.

Thank you to the Ministry of Justice for its collaboration.

7 things to know if you want to change your last name