“19 thousand abuses in the family in 2022” The carabinieri campaign against violence against women

On the occasion of November 25, International day for the elimination of violence against women, the Arma dei Carabinieri has organized an awareness campaign articulated on many different initiatives, all of which have a single common thread: saying “No!” and “Put an end” to any form of violent behavior – both physical and psychological – against women. The many initiatives – which have involved the traditional media, the web and social networks – also have another fundamental objective: that of convincing all women who suffer ill-treatment or harassment of any kind to confidently report to the Carabinieri. It is not right to suffer violence or deprivation of one’s dignity even within the home, when the perpetrator is a loved one. This is why the Arma aims to decrease the number of so-called “undeclared crimes”, encouraging the victims to take the first step towards freedom: file a complaint.

Also this year many barracks light up in orange, in adherence to the international campaign “Orange the World” as a tangible sign of the absolute attention and priority of the Arma to entice women victims of violence to report. Despite the energy crisis, the Arma did not want to give up this strong symbolic signal and did so – this should be underlined – without increasing energy consumption with new lights, but simply using those already active. The railway stations, symbolic place of departures and perhaps even of “restarts” after bad experiences, have been chosen this year as spaces to give visibility to these projects. Travellers, commuters, young couples in love and students will be able to linger for a few moments on the many initiatives for this November 25th. This is also the right occasion to recall that this sad phenomenon is fought above all by training men and women who respect the law. This challenge begins far away, among the school desks, when culture is formed but above all the conscience of the citizens of the future. With this in mind, the Carabinieri have decided to focus on the students’ own creativity, involving them in a national project.

In particular, the boys of the “Vaccarini” technical high school in Catania have created for the Arma a short video against gender-based violence, which will be broadcast on institutional social networks and – free of charge – on 1,200 screens in 125 railway stations, as well as on the multimedia panel located at the top of the Cadorna station in Milan in the square of the same name. The students of the “Musatti” technical high school in Dolo (VE), on the other hand, have created a picture (distributed via social media) and an advertising logo that has become an integral part of a video motion (videographic) – which will be disseminated on the Arma’s social channels – in which a “female Carabiniere avatar” warns against behaviors that constitute forms of violence and which we often tend to underestimate. For the occasion, another evocative image was created “in house” by the Arma and will be displayed – free of charge – in the large railway stations and on board the carriages of Trenitalia’s Freccia trains, on the infomoving screens of motorway service stations and network service centers Autostrade per l’Italia Spa and Brescia-Padova, in the airports of Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino), Milan (Malpensa and Linate) as well as Venice, Treviso, Verona and on some billboards and LED screens located in the most prestigious locations in Rome and Milan as well as on the exhibition space on the facade of the Acqua barracks, headquarters of the “Lazio” Legion Command in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. This year, in collaboration with Radio Rai, it was created a podcast which will be broadcast on November 25 on RaiPlay Sound and on the website www.carabinieri.it, with relaunches on institutional social networks. The podcast will contain an excerpt from a speech by the commanding general, the army corps general Teo Luzi and the president of “1522” Elisa ErcoliHelpline for violence and stalking.

To deal with this painful social scourge, these initiatives are precious but they are not enough on their own. For this reason, the Meritorious has equipped itself with many tools, the first of which is the Persecutory Acts Section of the Carabinieri Scientific Investigations Group. This Section carries out studies and analyzes of the phenomenon, elaborating evaluations on “risk factors” in favor of the operating departments, and personnel training programmes. Among the most important projects we find the “operating handbook”, a summary document of the best practices adopted in case management. Fundamental are the basic and specialized courses on the subject of stalking, in favor of the Officers of the Armed Forces in service in the investigative departments, as well as all the Commanders of Company, Tenenza and Station. To this is added, since 2014, the “National monitoring network on the phenomenon of gender-based violence”, structured on judicial police officers – Marshals and Brigadieri – included in the territorial investigative divisions and trained at the Higher Institute of Investigative Techniques, with specific courses. To date, a total of 27 have been carried out, which have made it possible to train over 550 units, operating throughout the country.

In this delicate area, it is also important to remember the agreement between the Ministers of Defense and for Equal Opportunities, which was followed by the renewal of the collaboration between the Equal Opportunities Department and the Arma, which is still in force today. These agreements have allowed the Persecutory Acts Section to deal with the development of research and analysis activities, as well as with the training of the personnel of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and operators of the “1522” public utility number, the Helpline for violence and stalking . No less important is the commitment that resulted from the agreement to raise awareness in favor of schools, to which a 40-day training cycle was dedicated. Furthermore, at the request of the Equal Opportunities Department, the mapping of the Anti-violence Centers present on the national territory was carried out, in order to verify the effective existence and functioning of the structures active in the field of assistance to victims.

The Arma has also collaborated, as a representative of the Ministry of Defence:

– to the Interministerial Table, established in 2013, for the elaboration of the “Extraordinary action plan against sexual and gender-based violence”, adopted in July 2015 by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers;

– to the National Observatory on Violence, whose work led to the drafting of the “National Strategic Plan on male violence against women (2017-2020)”, approved in the meeting of the Council of Ministers of 23 November 2017, and of the “Guidelines for healthcare and hospital companies in terms of social and healthcare assistance and assistance” to women victims of violence, adopted by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 24 November 2017.

In terms of inter-institutional collaborations, numerous agreements have been signed on the national territory between public prosecutors, prefectures, police forces, hospitals and anti-violence centres, all of which see the participation of the weapon. We also underline the project started with Soroptimist International of Italy, known as “A room of one’s own”, consisting in the setting up, inside the Caserme dell’Arma, of premises suitable for the protected listening of women victims of violence. A project that has made it possible to set up 155 rooms throughout the country to date, which allow victims of abuse to be welcomed every day in a comfortable and less “institutional” environment. Furthermore, Soroptimist has supplied 37 video recording kits to as many Commands of the Armed Forces, to be used in the phases of receiving complaints or in enforcement activities.

As part of the initiatives of this November 25th, the Arma dei Carabinieri together with the Vodafone Italia Foundation and Soroptimist International of Italy will announce the launch of Mobile Angel, a pilot project which envisages – in Turin, Milan and Naples – the delivery of a device to 45 women, victims of abuse. The device with an alarm system will enable the Operations Centers of the Arma to be activated, thus allowing timely intervention. Finally, the Arma participated with the State Police in the creation of the “Scudo” system, a dedicated database, aimed at providing operators, immediately after interventions, with a complete information framework on previous events and the subjects involved. The daily commitment of the men and women of the Arma is primarily aimed at prevent further “feminicides” from occurring, but there are other apparently less serious crimes that threaten women on a daily basis. An example is the phenomenon commonly referred to as stalkingwhich is traced back to the crimes of “persecutory acts” (art. 612-bis of the penal code), as well as cases of abuse in the family (art. 572 of the criminal code) and beatings (art. 581 of the criminal code), with a female victim.

Even during 2021 and in the first ten months of the current year, the Arma dei Carabinieri continued to focus its efforts on being able to combat these crimes. In 2021, from January to October, the crimes prosecuted by the Arma with reference to persecution acts are 16,549 and with regard to the first ten months of 2022, the Carabinieri Departments have punished 13,744 persecution acts. As regards abuse in the family, in 2021, from January to October, there were 20,637 crimes prosecuted. With reference to the January – October period of the current year, the Arma Departments have prosecuted 18,833 abuse in the family. In fact, last year, from January to October, 1,393 people were arrested for crimes connected with persecution, while in the first ten months of the current year, 1,452 were arrested. Similarly, for abuse in the family, in 2021, from January to October, 2,662 people were arrested. In the period January – October 2022, 2,852 people were arrested for abuse in the family. In 2021, from January to October, for crimes of sexual violence, the institutional activity carried out made it possible to arrest 876 people, while in the first ten months of 2022, there were 909 arrests.

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