$121,500 for the pediatrics department of the Girardin Family

By Cassandre Baillargeon

FAMILY. On the occasion of its traditional family day, the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation joined forces with the Candycourse to create a unique event where an amount of $121,500 was raised for the pediatrics department of the Center famille-enfant Girardin .

For 20 years, the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation has organized a family day on the second Saturday of September. Around the same dates, the Candycourse has been taking place since 2018 at the Village québécois d’antan for a five-kilometre journey mixing confectionery, pleasure and color.

This year, the two organizations have chosen to combine their talents. According to the director of operations of the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation, Magalie Perreault, this is “a great collaboration”.

Through the support of its partners, the foundation collected a sum of 120 thousand dollars while the Candycourse has undertaken to donate one dollar for each ticket sold.

The most numerous departure brought together 600 people. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

During the day on Saturday, 1,500 people ran to collect sweet treats. Candy, popcorn and ice cream were on the menu at four aid stations scattered along the route. At the very end, a medal, a bag of candies and a stuffed animal donated by the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation awaited those who crossed the finish line.

In this race, young and old finished with a smile on their face. For Mrs. Perreault, nothing was more beautiful than seeing the children happy to receive stuffed animals and to meet the fifteen mascots.

Magalie Perreault, Director of Operations at the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

The director of operations also has a very special thought for the students who brilliantly interpreted the mascots present, despite the heat of the day.

Before each start, the latter took part in the pre-race warm-up, to the delight of the children. “The mascots took a fifteen-minute break and left for each warm-up. They kept their energy from the beginning to the end of the day, they were great,” said Ms. Perreault.

As for the riders, the temperature had little impact on them as the last start took place at 11am. However, the Director of Operations adds with a smile in her voice that the last runners were a little warmer than the others, but that there were no particular problems.

A broken family atmosphere

The three mothers from Saint-Valérien-de-Milton and Annie’s daughter pose with their costume created for the occasion. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

Annie from Saint-Valérien-de-Milton took part in the event along with three friends with whom she runs regularly in her village and her daughter. For her, the atmosphere of the event is undoubtedly to be remembered. “It’s really playful, simple, family, fun, it’s really fun. You can dress up and the people are super friendly,” she says.

David of Saint Hyacinthe. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

As for David de Saint-Hyacinthe, it is also clear that he will participate in the activity again. “It’s a race full of color. We came to have fun with the family and it was successful, ”he says.

He adds with a smile that “it’s always easier to make children run with candies”.

In all, just over 75 volunteers ensured the success of this first collaborative event between the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation and Candycourse.

“There is nothing definitive, but by discussing with the people in charge of the Candycourse, we would all be ready for another collaboration with them next year”, suggests in ending Magalie Perreault.

$121,500 for the pediatrics department of the Girardin Family-Child Center – L’Express