10 games to play with family or friends at Christmas to get the party started

Whether funny or playful, games are often a guarantee of success for a successful Christmas party! Discover our TOP 10 games to invite to your next holiday party.

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The holiday season is THE time of year when we receive family and friends at home for beautiful festive evenings. It’s also the perfect time to play games of all kinds to have a good laugh and create lasting memories. Laughter guaranteed!

No need to worry: there are many games that are very easy to prepare at home, without too much material.

And if you don’t have time to prepare them, know that some of them can be ordered online or bought in supermarkets.

1. The wrapped gift

A must-have among the must-haves for Christmas parties for a long time!

It is enough to wrap a present with several layers of wrapping paper in several boxes of different sizes. Put a lot of tape on it to raise the level of difficulty and give your guests a hard time. Here’s how it plays out:

  • Players sit in a circle with the gift in the center and take turns rolling a dice to play.
  • When a player rolls the number 6, they must put on a pair of oven mitts and attempt to unwrap the gift, until another player rolls the number 6.
  • The player who manages to unwrap the entire gift is the winner and wins the gift that is hidden inside!

2. The dumpling

The dumpling game is a classic among the classic Christmas games that we never get tired of! This guessing game takes place over three rounds and is played in teams of approximately three or four players.

We all have a few scraps of paper lying around the house. Add to that a playing dice, pencils and a bowl. The concept is quite simple:

  • Each player writes five words on five pieces of paper, for example objects, town names, action verbs, according to the rules that you will establish.
  • We crumple the pieces of paper to form small balls that we place in a bowl.
  • A determined number of small papers is given to each player.
  • During the first round, a player must try to make his team guess as many words as possible by giving clues, but without ever naming the word itself, in a given time.
  • The teams take turns and the first round ends when all the words have been guessed.
  • The second round is played according to the same principle, and with the same words, except that the players are only allowed one word as a clue.
  • In the third round, it gets tougher, since the players only have to mime the words.

Don’t want to gather the necessary materials? No problem. You can simply order the game online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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3. The Carrot Game

If you want a laugh at your Christmas party, this game absolutely has to find its place in the evening. After a few drinks, this game can become completely hilarious and cause uncontrollable laughter! We play this way:

  • The players stand in a circle and must, in turn, pass a carrot from one player to the other by wedging it between their knees, without using their hands.
  • When a player drops the carrot, he is automatically eliminated.

4. Make me a drawing & mime Christmas version

With this game, you will find the pleasure of having fun as a team at Christmas! Two teams of 3 people face each other and have to guess the word or the Christmas song that they are trying to illustrate, and this, in a short time. This is the classic formula:

  • You are given a word that you have to make your opponents guess by drawing it quickly. It can be an animal, an object, a place or a known personality, for example.
  • To help the players, you can prepare ideas in advance that the guests can pick up if they are out of inspiration. If it’s too easy, add challenges.

This Christmas-themed drawing and miming game can very well be purchased in stores! The important thing is to have fun with family or friends.

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5. Who am I?

This easy to play game is enjoyable and doesn’t require much preparation either! Simply write on cards the name of a few well-known public figures. We play like this:

  • In turn, each player draws a name that he sticks in his forehead without looking at it.
  • The player must try to guess the identity of the celebrity that is on his forehead by asking the other guests closed questions answering only “yes” or “no”.

If you prefer to opt for a turnkey solution and be able to play a very similar game with the children at Christmas, it is possible by getting the Hedbanz board game.


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6. Karaoke

If you like to push the note with your guests as the evening progresses, karaoke is perfect for your holiday reception. This game will allow everyone to interpret their greatest hits on the microphone and to liven up the atmosphere in the household.

Get just one karaoke microphone and you have what it takes to bring this game to your guests on Christmas Eve!


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7. Tic Tac Boom

Want to have a good laugh? To play this game around the holidays, you’ll need a good vocabulary, nerves of steel and a good sense of humor. You can have fun for 15 to 30 minutes playing with at least 2, and up to 12 players.

  • A card, containing two or more letters, is drawn by a first player.
  • Each in turn, the players must say a word containing the letters on the card.
  • Take turns finding a word that includes that syllable where the die will have defined it at the beginning, middle, or end of the words.
  • Hurry up the bomb goes from hand to hand until it explodes and eliminates you from the round!


Courtesy Renaud-Bray

8. The memory album

If you’re feeling nostalgic or having a party with people you recently met, invite them to upload a photo of themselves celebrating Christmas as kids. A bit like we often do during showers baby.

Print these souvenir photos on cardboard and number them. Guests at the party can have fun guessing who is who… Beware of beards that change the faces of baby boys enormously! Whoever has the most matches wins the game.

9. Pass me a tree

This is the ultimate icebreaker game… A classic to get your party started! Everyone has been snapping up this inventive and fun game since its launch. Subtly direct the conversations in order to make your interlocutor say one of the three words written on your Christmas tree card in order to get rid of them.

We love this game because we can play up to 50 players in all. Here’s how we play:

  • Everyone receives a card on which are inscribed three words that you must make your interlocutor say.
  • Can you do it? Give him your card, pass him a tree.
  • The player who will have the most cards at the end of the game will have to draw a card and carry out the test which is requested in front of everyone.


Courtesy Renaud-Bray

Price: $19.99 / Available at Renaud Bray

10. End of year gala

Highlight the highlights of the past year of people, family, friends or colleagues, who come to your home to celebrate the Holidays! Organize a house gala with different categories and distribute the nominations.

This is a great opportunity to highlight a sporting achievement, an office appointment or a good deed, for example. You can even prepare small trophies or thematic gifts to highlight everything in a beautiful way!


Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $19.99 / Available at Amazon

If you want to add a little competition to all these games, provide small gifts for the winners and small gifts for second places or as participation prizes.

In short, there are a host of games that will allow you to spend a memorable Christmas evening, but the important thing is above all to spend quality time with those who are dear to you.

10 games to play with family or friends at Christmas to get the party started