Why Isildur sees the light west of Numenor and why he calls it

Warning: spoilers ahead of The Rings of Power episode 4 Isildur heard things in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, or did a bright light west of Númenor really call his name? Maxim Baldry’s Isildur stands at a crossroads in The Rings of Power. Expected by his father to face sea trials and follow the family tradition of serving the Númenor navy, Isildur feels a youthful need to put off his future and explore. In episode 3 of The Rings of Power, Isildur found himself distracted while training in the sea, looking to the west of his island and hearing a gentle woman’s voice calling him by his name.

The desire to follow this strange inner calling grows in episode 4 of The Rings of Power. During another sailing session, Isildur is once again pierced from the west. The same female voice is heard, but this time a sparkling dawn shines in the exact spot where Isildur is obsessed. The call is so powerful that Isildur decides to sabotage his own training, being intentionally expelled by the Sea Guard so that he can act on his curiosity instead of continuing along the path his father requires. The reason behind Isildur’s concern for the western Númenor is subtly explained in both episode 3 and episode 4 of The Rings of Power.

After hearing his son’s desire to postpone the Sea Trials, Elendil said to Isildur: “I’ll tell you what I told him. [Isildur’s brother], there is nothing for us on our western shores. The past is dead. ” After Isildur’s act of self-sabotaging, his friend then reproaches: “The West ?! The “real” Númenor ?! ” Putting these hints together, it would appear that western Númenor holds special significance to Isildur’s ancestors and those known as “the Faithful”, who remain loyal to the Valar and friendly to the Elves when much of Isildur Island perhaps feels the desire to explore. this aspect of his legacy – just like his brother – by venturing into his ancestral home (we already know that Elendil comes from the west because Queen Regent Míriel admitted it in the episode The Rings of Power 3) What exactly Isildur will find in the west is not clear, but it is the closest point to Valinor, and also the place where Númenor traded with the elves of Tol Eressëa, which means many potential connections with the old days.

Whose voice Isildur hears and why sunset matters

Although The Rings of Power has not yet provided a concrete explanation for the female voice Isildur continues to hear, some promising assumptions can be made. Episode 4 of The Rings of Power sees discontent Valandil insult Isildur about how he would always “mull and whine about [his] dead mother. ” While the woman is not named in JRR Tolkien’s mythology, The Rings of Power could fill that gap by having Isildur’s search for answers triggered by her dead mother’s inner voice. Perhaps Isildur hears her simply out of her grief, or perhaps the words of a deceased mother may reach her son’s ears by the will of the Valar.

If not Mrs. Elendil, perhaps the voice Isildur hears belongs to one of the Valar themselves. The falling petals of Nimloth in the closing moments of episode 4 of The Rings of Power demonstrate that Valinor is watching Númenor closely and Isildur is one of the few islanders still willing to honor them. Perhaps knowing what will happen, the Valar are preparing Isildur for the enormous fate that awaits him.

Another important clue is the sunset that Isildur glimpses next to the mysterious voice in episode 4 of The Rings of Power. In the ancient Quenya language of the Elves, sunset is translated as “Andúnië”, and Andúnië is a city at the western end of Númenor ruled by Isildur’s ancestors and the faithful. This visual connection is too big to be a coincidence: The Rings of Power is definitely taking Isildur to Andúnië where he may perhaps discover some family secrets.

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