When does Foundation season 2 premiere on Apple TV Plus?

Without a doubt, the arrival of the Foundation series, based on the popular science fiction trilogy created by the famous American author Isaac Asimov, was one of the most anticipated stories to be brought to streaming or to the big screen. Much was said about the complexity of its plot so that this could become a reality, until the first two episodes of the first season were finally released in September 2021. When does Foundation season 2 premiere on Apple TV Plus?

The bet received mixed reviews. Those who read the books of the original trilogy and its prequels and sequels were not happy with the story. The script written by David S. Goyer was not an adaptation but rather a reinvention of what the books told. There were familiar-sounding names, but the core of the series had little to do with what Asimov wrote.

If there is something in which we read the author’s bibliography, it is that his stories did not go out of style and there was no need to make any reforms. And far from being complex, as has often been said, it was easy to transfer to the screen. For one thing, the original trilogy was based on short stories by Asimov who later compiled them into books that were divided into three parts: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation.

In the series, there is a mixture of things that happened in Foundation, more characters that were in the prequels and, therefore, they did not share neither space nor time. The iconic humanoid robot Eto Demerzel who was a man, here was presented as a cold and ruthless woman, far from the warmth of the character, the rule of robotics that prevents killing a human here was broken, and Cleon, instead of being an emperor, they were three cloned emperors with different ages. What was the reason for all this?

The inconsistencies between the book and what happens in the series are so many that, as we published in our review, it could easily have received another name and be applauded.

The only thing that there is in Foundation of Foundation, are names: Hari, Gaal, Eto, Trantor, Raych, Salvor Hardin… and not much else.

When does Fundación season 2 premiere?

During the September keynote, in which the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 were presented, it was thought that there would be a trailer for the series, but there was no advance regarding Apple TV Plus in general. No announcements of new series and movies or how the platform was working.

The next opportunity would be in October or November when Apple launches its new MacBook computers. For now, it is known that the series has been filming since April and May, so, due to the complexity of its special effects and production quality, it is not expected to be released before the first quarter of 2023.

Despite the inconsistencies, is it worth watching?

Without a doubt. If you haven’t read the books, you’re in for a blockbuster that only Apple TV Plus, with its billions of dollars of backing, could film. And although it is another story and the plot can be somewhat tedious at times, it is a series to watch and enjoy.

Within a long list of figures, the cast is made up of Lou Llobell, Jared Harris and Lee Pace. For the IMDb portal, the series received a rating of 7.4 points out of 10 from readers.

The books can be purchased from Apple’s Books Store (by clicking here).

In addition to subscribe to Apple TV Plus, you can also try the service free for 7 days, by clicking here. (Plus, those who buy a select Apple product get three months free.)

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