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Let’s get acquainted with the new Veline of “Striscia la Notizia”

Barbara Mosconi
September 22, 2022 at 08:19

Introduce yourself in one sentence.
Cosmary: “My name is Cosmary Fasanelli, I’m 22, I’m from Brindisi, I’m a dancer and I consider myself a sunny, empathic, determined and romantic girl”.
Anastasia: «I’m Anastasia Ronca, I’m 22, I come from Somma Vesuviana (NA), I studied gymnastics, I look shy, but then I open up and I’m always smiling».

You are the new Veline. Excited?
Cosmary: “Very, very much! Isn’t it perceived? ».
Anastasia: “Maybe we’re doing it right now.”

What did you do first?
Cosmary: «I participated as a dancer in various TV programs, I presented myself as a soloist in“ Tú sí que vales ”and as a competitor in the latest edition of“ Amici ”. I was Miss Cinema 2019 ».
Anastasia: «I studied art and fashion and worked as a model. I have practiced artistic gymnastics at a competitive level, recently I have been studying dance. I appeared on TV in “Colorado” and “Temptation Island” ».

Your forte?
Cosmary: «Dancing, I started when I was 3 and a half years old. But also talking: when I’m not anxious it is good for me ».
Anastasia: «Artistic gymnastics, modeling and posing».

How was the audition at “Striscia”?
Cosmary: «In July they called me to Mediaset asking to prepare two choreographies, but without saying that the audition was for“ Striscia ”. We asked many questions, but no one told us anything ».
Anastasia: «They asked me if I danced, I replied that I liked it, but that I’m not a professional. There were other dancers in the studio and there I thought that maybe they had made a mistake in summoning me ».

Who told you that you were chosen?
Cosmary: «Choreographer Manuela Bertolo called me. I was very happy, for a dancer doing “Striscia” is the greatest satisfaction! And it is a school for becoming a complete artist ».
Anastasia: «It had been a while, when they called me I was incredulous, first of all they told me that I would have to move to Milan to study dance».

The first person you told this to?
Cosmary: «Mom and dad, I was at home with them. My mother was crying, my father was not, but he too was excited ».
Anastasia: “Mom. Her fear was that I would have to move: I am an only child ».

How did your meeting with Antonio Ricci go?
Cosmary: «At first the panic! Then he put us at ease and reassured us. We have only been here for a short time, but I already feel at home ».
Anastasia: «We entered his office intimidated, but he made us understand that“ Striscia ”is a big family».

“Strip” has existed since before your birth.
Cosmary: «I remember that I finished the dance lessons, I arrived home at half past eight in the evening and I found my father in front of“ Striscia ”, we looked at it together and he said to me: ‘Do you see the cut?’».
Anastasia: «As a child I watched the“ Veline ”program and thought that one day I would love to take part in the competition».

You have in common a little dog named Asia. Other affinities?
Cosmary: «We discovered it by chance! We are quite similar, she is perhaps more shy ».
Anastasia: «We look alike too! At the castings someone asked us: “Are you sisters?” ».

The curriculum reads: no tattoo.
Cosmary: «I also made some drawings that I like, but I don’t have the courage to tattoo something on my body that can mark me forever».
Anastasia: «I like them, on others. Working as a model better not to have them ».

Hobbies and passions outside the show?
Cosmary: «I like to write, although I usually do it in moments when I’m sad. And watch TV series with my mom ».
Anastasia: «Work out in the gym and go out and about with my dog».

Favorite TV series?
Cosmary: «“ Grey’s Anatomy ”».
Anastasia: «’Jessica Jones’».

What would you like to do in ten years?
Cosmary: «The actress, or lead a program. My models? Julia Roberts at the cinema and Michelle Hunziker on TV ».
Anastasia: «I would like to act and be an actress. I like Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren ».

We are Anastasia and Cosmary, the Veline! | TV Smiles and Songs