“Viola Valentino’s husband works and takes the citizen’s income”, the accusations a Pomeriggio5

Francesco Mango, husband of Viola Valentino, ends up under the magnifying glass of Barbara d’Urso who in Pomeriggio5 dealt with an accusation according to which she would receive the citizen’s income while working.

The cameras of Afternoon5 have turned the spotlight on the figure of Francesco Mango, husband of Viola Valentino. During today’s episode, taking advantage of the presence of the singer in video connection with the studio, Barbara d’Urso has aired a service that concerns him. Mango, who was supposed to be present, had made it known that he would not participate in the program due to fever. “Something happened this morning, I wouldn’t want Francesco to have a fever after seeing this Instagram story by Patrizia Groppelli”, commented Barbara d’Urso before airing an Instagram story published by Patricia Groppellijournalist and columnist of Afternoon5:

I return again to the story of Mango and Viola Valentino, this love which in my opinion is highly toxic. I discovered something crazy today. The good Mango takes the basic income. Someone explain to him that at the age of 40, in Lombardy, anyone who wants to find work will find it. So Mango, in addition to the basic income, I was right about everything: in addition to keeping you supported, also the basic income.

Viola Valentino: “The basic income? I’m not aware of that”

I don’t keep anyone. Citizenship income? I don’t know, I’m not aware of it”, Viola Valentino defended herself, then questioned by the director of Novella 2000 Robert Alessi: “The last time I spoke through the video with your husband, he said that he collaborates with you and that he has produced a couple of records. So, I ask: is he or not the producer of Viola Valentino?”. “Of course”, replied the artist, triggering the journalist’s next question: “So why, since he has a job, does he receive the basic income?”. But the singer, questioned instead of her husband and has already ended up in the eye of the storm because of an alleged betrayalshe remained firm on her position: “I’m not aware of it”. “Perhaps she may not perceive it, so perhaps the news of Patrizia Groppelli, who is a very good fellow journalist, may not be true?”, Alessi investigated again and the singer concluded: “It might not be true, I don’t know. I’m not aware of it”.

Viola Valentino accuses one of his collaborators: “He works but receives the basic income”

At that point, Viola then made a statement that baffled the study: “I have a collaborator who works with me, and not just for me, and takes the citizen’s income. I’m talking about my guitarist”. “Surely Viola doesn’t know anything but she has to find out. Because he right here with me said that he works and that he is your producer. He can’t take the basic income because he takes it away from those who really can’t work and don’t have a job”, added Barbara d’Urso and then gave the floor to Vladimir Luxuria: “What a pity that Francesco is not in the studio due to fever, otherwise he could have answered directly. What a great pity”. A space that will certainly be the subject of other episodes and that the presenter has, only for the moment, concluded as follows: “In my opinion he saw the story of Patrizia Groppelli, who they let me know he also blocked on Instagram, and his fever rose from the shock”.

“Viola Valentino’s husband works and takes the citizen’s income”, the accusations a Pomeriggio5