Today’s Special on the occasion of 25N

On the occasion of 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Womenthe program “Today” will dedicate its broadcast to interviewing victims and professionals who work to eradicate gender violence and who will help us to become aware of the importance of education, in gender matters and will answer crucial questions: How a timely complaint can be decisive for survival and what are the legal and administrative tools to help battered women get out of the tunnel and save their lives?

The program will show the relevance of women’s helplines such as 016 and 900 200 999, the free and permanent Andalusian service, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is anonymous and confidential and the human team that attends you is made up of specialized personnel. It responds to an average of 182 daily queries. Also “Today” will address the essential work of the Provincial Women’s Centers and the Municipal Information Centers for Women which during 2021 helped 31,566 victims, 25.1% more than the previous year, according to data from the Andalusian Women’s Institute. The information from the professionals on set as Angelica Cuenca, official and head of the sexual and gender violence service of the Malaga City Council and Elena Crespo, A lawyer specialized in cases of violence against women, she will help to know the legal and institutional resources at the service of women to detect the abuser, avoid abuse and be able to get away from her aggressor for good.

On the importance of the victim’s family and affective environment, the program will have in Cádiz the mother of María Isabel M.M., the 37-year-old woman who was murdered last November by her ex-partner in San Roque. This victim died after breaking up with his partner because he did not accept the breakup. “Today” will have the psychologist Esther Gray to inform about the importance of gender education within the family as well as therapies to strengthen the psychology of the victim and overcome the consequences of gender violence and how many women manage to overcome and help other victims. Hers is a message of hope that is as revealing as it is necessary for many women. To highlight this situation, we will interview Sandra, victim of gender violence and educator who collaborates from an association in Malaga to help other women.

“Today” will be live on Pérez de Guzmán institute in Ronda who has been awarded along with his students for his symbolic response against gender violence after the macho chants of a Madrid hall of residence. The importance of raising awareness among young people and among minors about machismo, as one of the origins of violence against women, will be another of the informative keys of the program.

A set of interviews will be established conducted by Ana Hinestrosa with the professionals of the sector invited to the set, Belen Martin will give way to cases already prosecuted and mercedes lara to the didactic graphics that contain the institutional information.

During this week, the program “Today”, directed by Fernando Diaz de la Guardia, is offering testimonials and activities that show the need to fight against this scourge. Thus, the morning program broadcast a self-defense class for women live from Maracena, discussed the case of Vanesa, the minor from Granada murdered in France by a sex offender, with legal and health professionals. Along the same lines, he covered the new trial against José Enrique Abuín “El Chicle”, convicted of the murder of Diana Quer. Since its inception four seasons ago, the program, in its public service work from public television in Andalusia, has been an almost daily means of listening to victims and consulting the professional voice of those who work to eradicate violence against women.

Broadcast date: Friday, November 25, starting at 9:55 a.m., on Canal Sur Televisión.

Today’s Special on the occasion of 25N