TIMVISION is renewed: up to 10 profiles, Parental Control, TV guide and simultaneous viewing

In these hours, many customers TIMVISION are receiving informative emails sent by TIMconcerning the imminent platform renewal.

The email campaign launched by the operator aims to notify TIMVISION customers and provide the necessary information on the steps to be performed on the platform.

Details and procedures to follow

The complete process of renewal of the platform TIMVISION (website and applications)which should start in the next few days, is aimed at offering a better using and viewing experience of customer service.

In the communication sent to TIMVISION customers, TIM recalls that all affected devices, if supported by the new platform, will gradually update to the new interface.

The following devices instead, they will no longer be supported: Samsung Smart TV models up to 2018 (Tizen and Orsay OS), LG Smart TV models up to 2019 (OS lower than WEBOS5), LG Netcast Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV models up to 2020, Android and Android TV with system operating system lower than 7.0, Apple TV with operating system lower than tvOS 14.0, iPhone and iPad with operating system lower than iOS 14, TIMVISION decoder without Android operating system.

It also specifies that the application TIMVISION will continue to be usable via the Webby connecting to the address timvision.it, and from the other supported devices, whose always updated list can be consulted on the operator’s official website.

In practice with the transition to the new platform, customers they will have to authenticate again with the email and password of your TIMVISION account. However, this will result in the lack of synchronization of currentsFavorite Content” or “Initiatespresent in the sectionKeep watching”.

Devices will update at different times, so for a transitional period some customers they may be out of sync of their own “Playlists” or of the “Keep watching” until all devices are fully updated.

Main news

Among the innovations introduced there will be the ability to create up to 10 different profilesto allow everyone in the family to see their favorite content, even the little ones through the Kids profiles. The latter type of profile will ensure an interface and content dedicated to children.

Specifically, upon first access to TIMVISION, the customer will be asked to create a vision profile to which he can assign a name and an avatar of his choice. There will then be the ability to create a profile for each family member in order to offer a personalized viewing experience with their favorite content and initiates at their fingertips.

The new section “My Contentwill allow you to access your playlists, recently viewed and purchased or rented content. Customers will be able to express their liking on each content and always find the favorite ones within the aforementioned section “My Content”.

Precisely on the basis of customers’ viewing preferences, the platform will be able to offer a selection of ad hoc contents.

Within the TIMVISION Apps for PCs, smartphones and tablets, it will be possible to consult the TV Guide for the next 7 days, switch from one channel to another while watching a programme with the feature “ZAP” and, thanks to the “picture in picture“, it will be possible leave your content playing while you do something else on your PC, smartphone and tablet.

The platform will also allow you to select your favorite channels and access the simultaneous viewing more programs.

You will be able to choose the contents to watch freely and those accessible by entering the Parental Controls, a 4-digit PIN. The latter will be associated with your account and will always be required for all profiles in order to be able to see content recommended for an audience over 18 years of age.

Interested customers will be able to set or reset the Parental Control PIN by accessing the settings of their personal area. For all those who would like more control, after setting the PIN for the first time, it will be possible to activate the option to request the PIN for other age groups from their profile at any time.

TIM informs that the purchase and rental functions of the VIDEOSTORE contents will be available again soon.

We thank Alessandro, Giovanni, Luca and Simone for the first reports.

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TIMVISION is renewed: up to 10 profiles, Parental Control, TV guide and simultaneous viewing