Thierry Lhermitte celebrates his 70th birthday: Family, wife, (famous) daughter, “embarrassing” disorder, house in Cantal…

Thierry Lhermitte celebrates his 70th birthday on November 24! Find out everything you (perhaps) didn’t know about the comedian, who is as funny as he is talented. His wife, his (famous) daughter, his disorder, his house in Cantal…

Thierry Lhermitte celebrates his 70th birthday on November 24. Illustrious member of the Splendid troupe and actor particularly appreciated by the French, the actor has continued his journey for decades. In 2022, he appeared in no less than three films, Men on the verge of a nervous breakdownby Audrey Dana, Then we danceof Michele Laroqueand the expected happy retirement 2 by Fabrice Bracq. The actor, he is not about to retire! What do you really know about him? His wife, his (famous) daughter, the disorder he suffers from, his house in Cantal… and other info that might surprise you!

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What are the origins of Thierry Lhermitte?

Thierry Lhermitte is the son of French André Lhermitte and Rossane Bouchara, who is of Algerian origin on the paternal side. The actor is also the grandson of famous psychiatrist Jean Lhermittethe nephew of neurologist Francois Lhermitte and the great-grandson of painter Leon Lhermitte.

Who is Thierry Lhermitte’s wife?

The actor is in a relationship with Hélène Aubert since the mid-1970s. Together they had three children: Astrée (48 years old), Victor (44 years old) and Louise (29 years old). They also have a grandson who lives in Canada and a granddaughter who resides in France. Fulfilled on the sentimental level, Thierry Lhermitte had confided to Paris Match : “I’m still in love with her, and my family has been the source of my stability in this profession where there are so few. I was and I remain the man of only one woman: mine“.

Thierry Lhermitte and his wife Hélène © SIPA

Who is Thierry Lhermitte’s daughter?

Louise Lhermitte, the daughter of Thierry Lhermitte, is singer ! The young woman calls herself by her stage name, Lonnyand released their debut album in January 2022 ex voto. The actor’s daughter confided in her passion for music to the site In your B-side : “I got into music enough, around 7 years old, and I started with the viola with which I have lived for 20 years now.“. As for his famous father, he claims to have a privileged relationship with his youngest child. “I am close to my three children. In general, it gets a little hot in adolescence and we meet later. Apart with my youngest daughter, with whom I have always been very close“, he had assured to Paris Match.

Does Thierry Lhermitte suffer from an illness?

It has long been said that Thierry Lhermitte suffered from prosopagnosia, a disease from which Brad Pitt would also be affected, and which is characterized by a difficulty in recognizing the faces of the people we meet. But it is nothing! Thierry Lhermitte denied this information to the Parisianspecifying that he had a hard time remembering the faces of certain people: “I’m just not a physiognomist, it can be very embarrassing but we are far from the disease“.”When for the third time, I introduce myself to someone who has already told me ten minutes before, ‘I’ve seen you before’, it’s horrible“, he had also explained to Internet user.

Where does Thierry Lhermitte live?

If the actor lives in Paris, he often goes to recharge his batteries in his house in Cantal, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. “I love Cantal because it is a fairly isolated and magnificent department”, he had confided to France 3 Auvergne. There, the actor also teaches ethological riding, “a way of educating horses and riders for harmonious communication“, explained this equine enthusiast.

Is Thierry Lhermitte still friends with the members of the Splendid troupe?

The years have passed, but the bond of friendship remains unbreakable. Thierry Lhermitte and his Splendid band, Christian KeyboardMarie-Anne Chazel, Michel Blanc, Gérard Jugnot and Josiane Balasko, are still in touch. “My ideal ‘family’, apart from my real family of course, is a bit like the Splendid troupe. You could say we made family ties“, he assured us.

Thierry Lhermitte celebrates his 70th birthday: Family, wife, (famous) daughter, “embarrassing” disorder, house in Cantal…