The Student and Monsieur Henri: why did Claude Brasseur feel close to his character?

“L’Étudiante et monsieur Henri” is one of the last films of the great Claude Brasseur. A project to which the actor was attached, in particular because he discovered an important common point with the character he plays.

The Student and Monsieur Henri : a unique roommate

Adaptation of the eponymous play byIvan Calberac (The tasting), The Student and Monsieur Henri tells the story of the birth of an unexpected friendship. While looking for accommodation in Paris, Constance (Noemie Schmidt) moves into a room in Henri’s apartment (Claude Brewer), an old widower who can no longer live on his own.

In addition to the difficulties of everyday life and her family problems, the young woman now has to face the grumpy character and the incessant remarks of her new roommate. One day, Henri makes her an offer: to exempt her from several months’ rent if she agrees to ruin the couple formed by his son Paul (Guillaume de Tonquedec) and her daughter-in-law Valerie (Frederique Bel), which it does not support.

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Constance reluctantly accepts and succeeds in her mission. She then gets to know the old man better, who splits the armor and tries to convince her to follow her passion, encouraging her to enter a competition for a London music school. Thomas Soliveres, Valerie Keruzore and Stephan Wojtowicz complete the distribution of this dramatic comedy about reconciliation, family pressurethe regrets and the importance of not missing out on one’s existence.

Common points between Claude Brasseur and his character

The Student and Monsieur Henri obviously owes a lot to the complicity between its two main actors, but also to the grumpy composition of Claude Brasseur. In the film’s press kitIvan Calbérac explains that he called on the actor because he found “exciting” the fact “to see him having fun being obnoxious”. The author and director explains:

Claude Brasseur has imposed himself in this misuse, he who has often played the seducer, charming boyfriend, ideal dad, smiling spy…

The Student and Monsieur Henri: why did Claude Brasseur feel close to his character? – CineSeries