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Boyacá producer Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez premieres this Saturday, September 24 at Cinelandia Iwoka in Sogamoso and on September 30 and 1. in October at Multicine Viva from Royal Films in Tunja, the film ‘The Red Tree’, by director Joan Gómez Endara. They will be unique functions that will be accompanied in theaters by the producer and the director.

The Red Tree, the film by the Sogamoso-born producer Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez, will arrive in Sogamoso and Tunja in the next few days in unique functions, it revolves around family relationships, their conflicts and solidarity, through three characters who cross the country while they discover a new meaning of the concept of ‘family’, beyond blood ties.

The plot of the film begins when Eliécer’s quiet and fairly routine life is turned upside down when his father dies and Esperanza, his unknown eight-year-old half-sister, is brought to the door of his house. Reluctant that his life be interrupted, Eliécer packs up his clothes and sets out on a journey to the capital in search of the girl’s mother. They are joined by Toño, a boatman who dreams of becoming a boxing champion in the big city. During the journey, they will face much more than the road.



We talked to this talent from Boyacá who is gaining more recognition every day in the Colombian film industry thanks to his company Viso Producciones, with which, together with his partner Viviana Gómez, they co-produced El Arbol Rojo, which had an important run before its premiere in Colombia. at international festivals; as well as the documentary feature film Between fire and water, which was selected in more than 25 festivals around the world; and the co-production of the documentary film El film justifies the means.

Sonia, how did you get to this movie?
I met Joan Gómez while he was working on the production of the archive film Through the Screen, since he needed authorization to use images from his short film Affair of Roosters. It was there that I found out about his film and we saw the possibility of working together. Some time later he shared the script with me, it was love at first sight, at first reading, so with my partner Viviana Gómez we decided to bet on this film.

How to describe this film about the road, family and feelings?
It is a very honest film, without pretensions, that wants to show pieces of life that arouse a variety of emotions and with which the public identifies, either because of the history of its characters, because of the trip to the sound of bagpipes, or because of the moments that the country lived in the 90’s and that are reflected today. It is a film that speaks in many dimensions that touch fibers in the viewer.

Tell us about your experience as a producer in it
The production of The Red Tree was a very demanding job and many challenges due to the variables that we had to handle. The fact of being a road movie, traveling through four departments, the number of locations and variety of climates, made us plan with the different creative areas, strategies that would allow us to travel light, without impacting the story and quality. We were a small crew which complicated scenes that required a larger crew, but we leaned heavily on the community and it was wonderful.

You are from Boyacá, what does this culture impress on your work as a filmmaker?
I was born in Sogamoso and thanks to my grandparents I was fortunate to grow up between the countryside and the city. This makes me interested in those stories that speak of the region but are at the same time universal, because they have a living context and a real and deep feeling. I have the sensitivity to approach people with respect and humility, because arriving with trucks and equipment to a municipality can be very devastating and invasive. Instead, I am concerned with knowing first the dynamics of the populations, with establishing a communication that allows us to be more like allies and contribute a grain of sand to the local economy. In the end we all wear the same shirt. I know that I learned this from living in a region like Boyacá, with our broad and open ways of being.

How do you see the department against this industry?
Fortunately, there are people and entities that are fighting for the creation of public cinematographic policies for Boyacá. For example, I celebrate that there was a BAM Tunja, where I had the opportunity to give a pitch workshop and I found a number of incredible stories and projects in development that need to be produced. There is talent, but it is necessary that, from the public and the private, a big bet is needed to make the audiovisual a means of support in the region. There are few of us who can support ourselves from working in audiovisual, but unfortunately we have had to resort to looking for studies and job opportunities outside the department. In Boyacá there are locations, infrastructure and everything to make filming possible, but we need to grow and specialize professionally.

What is the invitation you make to the people of Boyacá?
To accompany me to the special function in Sogamoso, this Saturday, September 24, at 6:30 in the afternoon in Cinelandia Iwoka and on September 30 and 1st. October at Multicine Viva of Royal Films in Tunja, to see together The Red Tree and talk about this wonderful production.

The Red Tree is produced by Big-Sur Movies, in co-production with Viso Producciones (Colombia), RTVCPlay brand of RTVC Public Media System (Colombia) and Mass Media Communications (Panama); It has In Vivo Films (France) as associate producer, The Open Reel (Italy) as international sales agent and Cine Colombia as distributor for the national territory.

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‘The Red Tree’, the film by producer Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez from Boyacá, which arrives in Tunja and Sogamoso | THE NEWSPAPER