The queen turns 50: ten moments in the life of Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Queen Letizia meets 50 years the next Thursday September 15. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano reaches half a century after a life that she directed towards television, but that she experienced a script twist by sealing her commitment to Felipe de Borbón, which led her to become the first queen of Spain without ties to royalty.

These are the ten most relevant moments of the half century of life of the Asturian journalist who came to the throne:


Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was born in the Miñor Sanatorium of Oviedoin a middle class family. His father, Jesús Ortiz, is dedicated to journalism in the radio branch and his mother, Paloma Rocasolano, is a nurse in an outpatient clinic.

He always showed his attachment to his Asturian roots. “I was lucky to be born and grow up in Oviedo. Living every day, I learned to love and admire this land, Asturias and all of Spain”, she confessed in 2007 when the city council declared her her favorite daughter.

In the Asturian capital, she studied at the public school “La Gesta”, where she took her first steps as a journalist by making a children’s radio program, “El columpio” with other classmates.

Next, he began high school at the Alfonso II institute.

His paternal grandparents, José Luis Ortiz and the announcer Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle, one of the outstanding figures of Asturian radio, who also inspired him to follow in his footsteps in the profession, contribute to his love for Asturias.


At the age of 14, work reasons lead his parents to move to Madrid along with her two younger sisters, Telma and Erika.

It is at the Ramiro de Maeztu institute in Madrid that Letizia Ortiz completes the BUP. At this stage, she meets Alonso Guerreroa literature teacher at this center, with whom married civilly in 1998 in Almendralejo (Badajoz) after a long courtship.

The marriage fails and only lasts a year, to which is added the divorce also from his parents, with whom he has maintained a good relationship ever since.

His maternal grandparents, Enriqueta Rodríguez, also from Asturias, and Francisco Rocasolano, a taxi driver by profession, lived in Madrid. Once retired, the couple settles in Alicante.


Raised in a home where there is no shortage of newspapers and where the radio is always playing, Letizia Ortiz follows in the footsteps of her father and grandmother by deciding to study journalism.

“Coming to this faculty every day for five years in the 90s leaves its mark. It was a great training that I was very grateful for,” the queen recalled in the tribute paid to her.

There he revealed what one of his teachers told him in class, amazed at how inquisitive he was: “Ortiz, of course, I don’t know what his life is going to be, but heavy, there is no rival”.

During the degree, he does internships in the summer in the Asturian newspaper La Nueva España, in the EFE Agency and the ABC newspaper.

After finishing the race, he goes to Mexico to start a doctorate at the University of Guadalajara, which he combined with an internship at the Siglo XXI newspaper.

Upon her return to Spain, she entered the world of television on the Bloomberg channel, from where, in 1999, she joined CNN+ as a reporter and presenter.


The leap in his journalistic career came in 2000when incorporated into TVEthe same year in which the Madrid Press Association awarded him the “Larra” award for the best journalist under 30 years of age.

In addition to presenting a few months “Weekly report” and the morning newscovers major events as a special correspondent, such as the United States elections (2000), the sinking of the “Prestige” (2002) or the Iraq war (2003).

In the summer of 2001, he becomes the face of the Newscast 1a responsibility that he repeats the following two summers.

With the experience gained, it goes one step further by presenting in September 2003 the Evening news with Alfredo Urdacithen director of News, which consolidates it as one of the popular faces of public television.


in October 2002the veteran journalist Pedro Erquicia organizes a dinner at his house that brings together twenty people, including the Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortizwho did not know each other.

“It was a chance encounter and it was of no consequence. It was in the spring when we established more contact and that bore fruit, “said the prince to place the beginning of the courtship.

The relationship began to consolidate when she returned from covering the war in Iraq and the presence of Spanish troops in that country.

For half a year, they manage to keep the relationship secret, without raising suspicions, and during that time, Letizia Ortiz continues to live in her apartment in Valdebernardo (Madrid).


The October 24, 2003the news is broadcast from Oviedo on the occasion of the Prince of Asturias Awards and, as is customary, Don Felipe goes by to greet the TVE workers, including his girlfriend. Both shake hands before the cameras, sharing a knowing smile.

is the first photo of the twoafter which the rumors of their relationship begin to unleash, which precipitates the fact that the Casa del Rey confirmed the relationship a week later through a statement.

The day before, Letizia Ortiz presents her latest newscast, her farewell from TVE after almost four years, “without saying anything that she was leaving”, as revealed by Urdaci, who knew it shortly before going on the air. That day, the reporter leaves Torrespaña hidden in a vehicle to mislead the photographers who were already looking for her.


Two days after the statement that makes the relationship official, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia star his first pose in the residence of the prince in the Palacio de la Zarzuela to share that they are “in love, committed, convinced and excited and, of course, dedicated to the service of Spain and the Spanish”.

The November 6thappear together again before the media, this time at the Palacio de El Pardo, during the marriage proposal which brought together the Borbón family and the Ortiz Rocasolano family for the first time.

“I am sure that Letizia has all the qualities and capacity necessary to assume the responsibilities as princess of Asturias and future queen,” says Don Felipe of his fiancée, to whom he gives a white gold and diamond ring and a pearl necklace and sapphires from the royal family jeweler.

After the ceremony, and until the day of the wedding, Letizia Ortiz is staying in the guest pavilion of the La Zarzuela Palace.

Announced the date of the wedding on May 22, 2004, both made several trips to Spain, including Asturias to visit the paternal grandparents of the bride, and one abroad, to the wedding of the crown prince of Denmark.


The Almudena Cathedral, in Madrid, hosts the wedding on May 22, 2004more than 1,200 guestsamong them, some thirty Heads of State and Government, and with the rain as the protagonist.

As consort of the heir to the throne, the link turns Letizia Ortiz into princess of Asturiaswith treatment of royal highness, and a member of the royal family.

The first wedding in Spain of a Prince of Asturias since 1901 leaves thousands of photos to remember, such as the passage of the bride and groom under the sabers of Felipe’s classmates in the military academies, the hug on the balcony of the Royal Palace or the car tour of the newlyweds through the main streets of Madrid.

the journey of Honeymoon takes them to several Spanish cities, the first Cuenca, and to Petra (Jordan).

After the wedding, Doña Letizia begins her own agenda as a princess, apart from the acts with Don Felipe, with whom she stars in her first official trip abroad to Mexico, in July 2004.


A year and a half after their wedding, the October 31, 2005is born Eleanor of Bourbonthe first daughter of the princes and next link in the dynastic succession.

“The emotion of being a mother cannot be described,” Doña Letizia confesses when leaving the Ruber clinic in Madrid with the then infanta in her arms, a week after the cesarean delivery.

The April 29, 2007the princess gives birth to her second daughter who receives the name of Sofiain homage to her paternal grandmother: “I was very excited that she was called after the queen, and she was also very excited”.

Three months before the birth of Sofía de Borbón, Letizia Ortiz suffers a hard hit with the death of her little sister, Erikawho is found dead at her home, the same apartment where the princess lived until she got engaged to Don Felipe.


Queen Letizia becomes Queen of Spain on June 19, 2014the day on which the Cortes Generales proclaim Felipe VI king after the abdication of his father, Juan Carlos I.

is the first woman to reach the throne of Spain without having blue bloodwhich follows the example of other royal consorts without dynastic lineage, such as Matilda of Belgium or Máxima of Holland.

His first official solo act is performed at the Prado Museum a month after the change in the Crown.

In addition to the areas that focused her task as princess, she assumes other functions that Queen Sofía had carried out until then, such as cooperation trips, the first of which took her to Honduras and El Salvador, in May 2015.

The queen turns 50: ten moments in the life of Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano