The Fabelmans: the first reviews from Toronto of Steven Spielberg’s film!

It premiered yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival The Fabelmans, the highly anticipated new semi-autobiographical film by Steven Spielberg, the first of his filmography to be presented at the prestigious North American festival. So here are the first reviews and social reactions online, all extremely positive. The film tells the story of the Fabelman family, which follow those of Spielberg’s youth, who also wrote the screenplay together with his long-time collaborator Tony Kushner.

The story is set over 13 years between the 1950s and 1960s, and stars Gabriel LaBelle (Sammy Fabelman), eldest son of housewife Mitzi (Michelle Williams) and brilliant engineer Burt Fabelman (Paul Dano). In love with cinema from an early age, Sammy begins making short films, and finds relief in creating films in a family that also includes three younger sisters and who often have to move from one part of the country to another to support his father’s career.

Here are some excerpts from the reviews:

  • Deadline – “Gabriel Labelle is, in a word, sensational throughout the film: a young man in love with cinema but tortured by adolescent problems and a dissolving family. […] At 75 it seems that Spielberg is only at the beginning ”.
  • Variety – “The master of entertainment escapist cinema descends into the staff in this 150-minute self-portrait, wrapping a loving homage to the complicated relationship with his parents that has influenced his work so much”.
  • Screen – “There are no references to Spielberg’s classics, but when the director indulges in a behind-the-scenes Hollywood scene towards the end, the sequence is so well crafted that it’s hard to call it indulgent. Audiences will want to see this film to find out how Spielberg became Spielberg. But this open-hearted film will introduce them to the parents he loved and who have left their mark on him, inspiring some of his most mature and touching films ”.
  • TheWrap – “The film shows a light touch that doesn’t take him away from the deeper moments explored in it. That The Fabelmans was one of Spielberg’s most personal films has always been taken for granted, but it is also one of his most original and satisfying films in years ”.
  • Slashfilm – “While this is one of the most grounded films in reality (except for one scene, don’t expect sequences with great special effects) it is still enveloped in the director’s unparalleled style. […] It doesn’t seem like the pinnacle of Spielberg’s career. It seems like an immensely personal story that the director has been waiting for a long time to tell. And now that he has told it, he can move on to the next great masterpiece ”.

Here is also a series of reactions, preceded by the great standing ovation received by the film:

The Fabelmans it will be released in theaters in November in the United States. In Italy we will have to wait until 2023.

The Fabelmans: the first reviews from Toronto of Steven Spielberg’s film!