The dream of k2 on display in the church of San Zenone with “without pose”, the visual (and otherwise) story of the filmmaker Mario Fantin

The church of San Zenone, in the Uberti district in Cesena, is preparing to welcome “Senza posa”, the evocative exhibition promoted by the Cesena section of the Italian Alpine Club (Cai) which will remain open from Thursday 17 to Sunday 27 November. At the center of the exhibition, visitors will find the work of the Bolognese filmmaker Mario Fantin, who documented the Italian expedition to conquer K2 in 1954.

The story of the exhibition is based on the exceptional discovery of the original notebook that Fantin had with him on K2, which occurred during the making of the film “Il mondo in camera” by Mauro Bartoli, also curator of the exhibition. The booklet contains notes for the shoot, drawings of shots, impressions and emotions which, due to their extraordinary nature, have gone around the world. Fantin climbed K2 with a manually wound 16mm film camera on his shoulder. In those prohibitive conditions, vertically, hanging from a rope, exposed to the furious wind that beats on the tents with the «roar of 40 speeding trains», with the snow blinding themhe plants them like pins in the eyes of those who immortalize her as she wraps men and mountains, no one had ever filmed before him.

Alongside the materials granted by the Fantin family, the exhibition will also find space for some unpublished objects (photos, crampons, ice axes and autographed postcards) that the Cesena-born Tommaso Magalotti, mountaineer, one of the founding members of the Cesena section of the CAI and author of mountain books, received as a gift from Fantin himself, of whom he was a close friend and now kept by the Cesena section.

After Fantin’s death, his invaluable heritage of documents, photos, films, books, writings was partly dismembered and donated to museums, partly locked away in family drawers. The mountaineers knew him, the Cai knew him, the Imolese journalist Giorgio Bettini knew him, also president of the local section of the Cai who organized an exhibition at the Mountain Museum in Turin in which the weight of this incredible figure re-emerged, and in which the director, also from Imola, Mauro Bartoli. There began a new journey and a new story, which lasted ten years, which is the substance of his documentary film “Il mondo in camera” and of the exhibition “Senza posa”.

The documentary film “Il mondo in camera” will be screened at the Eliseo cinema in Cesena on Saturday 19 November at 5.30 pm
with an introduction by the director Mauro Bartoli. A second screening will be held on Monday 21 November at 9 pm, again at the Elysium, with an introduction by Tommaso Magalotti, Cai partner and friend of Fantin. Admission to the cinema costs 6.50 euros (reduced for CAI members at 5 euros). In the film, Bartoli interviews Fantin’s family, the alpine guides who accompanied him to many peaks, who knew him, other mountain filmmakers who still wonder how he managed to shoot a film in those years, in those conditions, with that precision of absolute image.

The “Senza posa” exhibition will be free to enter and can be visited Thursday and Friday from 4 to 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 20. An inaugural moment will be held on Saturday 19 November at 16 in the presence of the authorities and the director Mauro Bartoli.

The staging of the exhibition is curated by Claudio Ballestracci from Longiano, with the patronage of the Municipality of Cesena. After the exhibition in Cesena he will continue to travel throughout Italy.

The dream of k2 on display in the church of San Zenone with “without pose”, the visual (and otherwise) story of the filmmaker Mario Fantin