The digital media turning point of the CEI

“Authentic by vocation”. With this slogan Tv2000 and InBlu2000 celebrate the first 25 years of the history of the catholic-inspired radio and television hub wanted by the Italian Episcopal Conference. They do this by presenting themselves with a new logo and with the confirmations and news of the new schedules for the 2022-2023 season.

“Ours is not a liftingbut a path of change that will lead us to affirm in an even more authentic way our identity that has solid and indispensable roots “, says Massimo Porfiri, CEO of Tv2000 and InBlu2000. In Porfiri the new logo recalls “an eye that looks beyond, towards that East from which the sun is born and from which the history of man and of Christians in particular comes”. Vincenzo Morgantedirector of the two networks, sees instead in the logo “a bow ready to shoot arrows that look to the future”.
In front of the guests in Studio 1 of Tv2000 (in the front row also Paolo RuffiniPrefect of the dicastery for communication of the Holy See, e Marco TarquinioDirector of Future) Porfiri explains that from today Tv2000 and InBlu2000 “are not just a television and a radio, but an integrated media company present on the web, on social networks, on apps and on streaming platforms”. This will also lead to the unification of the editorial offices of the television and radio channel.

The ratings are growing. Auditel has a share consistently above 1.50 per cent and customers for advertisements are over 200 (the contract for the sale of advertising spaces with PRS Mediagroup has been renewed for another 3 years).

Vincenzo Morgante explains that “we know that we are the face and voice of a great community open to the world, to welcome, to dialogue. Together with others, we contribute to giving a face and a voice to that Church which, as the synodal path demonstrates, is determined to abandon its comfortable certainties to meet those in search, those who are further away, those who are more fragile”.

In his greeting also the cardinal Matteo Zuppipresident of the CEI, underlines that “television and radio make an important contribution in terms of ideas, perspectives and narratives” for “the synodal path that the Churches in Italy are pursuing with creativity”.

In the new program schedules there is the traditional information space (5 daily editions of the TG, 2 on Sundays, plus in-depth information) and one dedicated to religious programs, such as the Rosary broadcast live from Lourdes. In 2023, ample space will be given to the World Youth Day in Lisbon.

All entertainment programs confirmed, there will be first evenings with films and TV series and in the second evening of Thursday there will be room for documentaries. It promises to be very interesting “Km. 333 last stop ”dedicated to the 2016 car accident in Spain, in which 13 Erasmus students (among them 7 Italian girls) lost their lives. There will also be documentaries on Italian parish communities and one on Venezuelan migrants who cross the border with Colombia on foot.

A talent show (Avanzi the next) will also be broadcast on the Tv2000 screens, involving hotel schools throughout Italy. The winner is whoever knows how to recycle leftover ingredients in the kitchen in the best possible way.

The digital media turning point of the CEI