The Crown 5: the tampaxes of Carlo and Camilla, the unhappy love of the princess …

The ten episodes of the fifth season of the Netflix TV series tell the densest years of the English royal family. Even if they leave more than a doubt. Let’s play this game together: paralleling history and fiction. To find out that…

A highly anticipated season, also because it tells some of the densest years in the life of the English royal family. The Crown it’s been back on Netflix for a few days and it doesn’t stop getting talked about. The period of the story, this time, is between 1991 and 1997, years in which literally everything happened. There was 1992, theannus horribilis of Queen Elizabeth, there were the divorces of her three children (Andrea and Sarah Ferguson, Anna and Mark Phillips, up to Charles and Diana Spencer). Passing through the scandals related to the relationship (no longer so secret) of the heir to the throne with Camilla Parker Bowles, up to the tragic death of the princess of the people. If you have seen the ten episodes signed by Peter Morgan, creator of the show, there are certainly some events that have left you with some doubts. Here’s how things really went – photo | video

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THE ATTEMPTED COUP OF CARLO AGAINST THE MOTHER – A young and combative Charles, reinvigorated by the separation from his wife Diana, is busy building his image as a future king. Among the dialogues that have most attracted the attention of critics is the conversation between the heir to the throne and the then British prime minister John Major to suggest the abdication of Queen Elizabeth. This scene was definitively “harmful and malevolent fiction” by the former British Prime Minister’s spokesman and is completely fabricated.

Lady Diana in never-before-seen photos from Today’s archive – look

WHAT HAS BEEN TO BRITANNIA – Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia is the ship that has served the royal family for more than 40 years and which also appears in an episode of the TV series. Commissioned on 11 January 1954, she has also hosted several honeymoons of the British royals such as that of Charles and Diana in 1981. The exorbitant cost of maintenance and repairs necessary to keep her at sea have been paid for largely by taxpayers and precisely for this reason the government then decided on December 11, 1997 and it is said that Elizabeth cried that day. Today, the vessel can be viewed at Ocean Terminal, Leith, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Charles of England, his first reform is against his son Harry and his brother Andrew of York – look

JAMES COLTHURST, DIANA’S FRIEND WHO HELPED HER WITH THE NOVEL – Friend since school, James Colthurst, doctor, in the early 1990s was the intermediary between Diana and biographer Andrew Morton for the making of the book on the princess Her true story, published in 1992. Carlo’s then wife, now exasperated by court life and his betrayal with Camilla, recorded her version of events on audio cassettes, also telling for the first time about bulimia and suicide attempts. The trusty James had the task of having the tapes delivered to Morton so as to avoid any direct contact with the princess during the writing of the book, which was to remain a secret source of the biography.

Harry of England and Meghan Markle, no to Christmas with King Charles and family – look

THE TAMPAXGATE, THE CRAZY PHONE CALL BETWEEN CARLO AND CAMILLA – Between the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties Carlo and Camilla, lovers at the time, call each other every evening. One such call is intercepted by a radio amateur and the audio sold to a tabloid. The recording was made public later, in 1993, after the separation from Diana. The content is intimate and in the TV series it is reported in full. One passage, in particular, has remained imprinted in public opinion: the one dedicated to… tampons. “Oh God. I wish I lived in your pants. It would be much easier,” says Carlo. “What would you turn into? In a pair of underwear?” Camilla replies. “Or, God forbid, in a Tampax. So lucky!”. “You are a complete idiot. What a wonderful idea.”

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THE LAST MEETING BETWEEN PRINCESS MARGARET AND PETER TOWNSEND – The relationship between the Queen’s sister and the Queen Mother’s auditor had already been told in previous seasons of The Crown. 15 years older, divorced with children, the man was removed from London because the union was not approved by Elizabeth (who in her role as ruler is also the head of the Anglican Church). Great was Margaret’s pain, for this never forgotten love. In the fifth season, the two former lovers meet again for one last meeting. Which actually happened on the occasion of a reunion of the crew members of HMS Vanguard.

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The Crown 5: the tampaxes of Carlo and Camilla, the unhappy love of the princess …