The Christmas Show, the Christmas movie by Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri

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Distributed by Viva Productions, the November 17 arrives at the cinema The Christmas Show, the film by Alberto Ferrari with Roul Bova, Serena Autieri, Ornella Muti, Francesco Pannofino and Tullio Solenghi. The film centered on magic of Christmas is ready to give fun and excitement to Italian families waiting for the most loved time of the year.

The Christmas Show: the official synopsis


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Sofia and her two children, Ricky and Alice, lead a disenchanted life among the many difficulties of everyday life, but for the Rovati family this will be a Unusual Christmas. Their unexpected participation in the very popular Christmas Show reality will lead them to experience overwhelming situations and the arrival of the mysterious neighbor, the charming Pierre, will make Sofia’s heart beat again. An exciting Christmas comedy divided between reality and everyday wonder.

The Christmas Showspeaks the director


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“We wrote this film during the lockdown and we wanted to look within ourselves for the spark of rebirth, and therefore we thought that the period that makes us feel like children the most and leads us to discover the Santa Claus in us – or vice versa the Grinch that is within us – it’s Christmas” said the director at a press conference in Rome, adding that: “We liked the idea of ​​telling a family that has decided not to experience Christmas and which, precisely thanks to the artificial life of reality TV, in which people become characters, allows real life, suppressed and crushed, to come out and bring hope with it. Every character makes his own transformation, even those who are less relevant than our fantastic protagonists”.

The cast of The Christmas Show

Tullio Solenghi plays Grandpa Angelo, “a living oxymoron, in the sense that he is a devil, is the irreverent and ironic element of this kind of Truman Show aware. The challenge for me was to be able to combine the irony of the character, which is sometimes a superficial patina, with his humanity. Grandpa Angelo has lost a son, he has a good relationship with his grandchildren. Being able to represent this split personality and maintain it was a wonderful opportunity for me” as the actor himself underlined. Bova he is a lonely and melancholy writer and Serena Autieri a widowed mother next door with two children. “My character was interesting, the story was good, I really liked the setting and I needed, a bit like Pierre who was behind the window watching the world go by, to mix with the people. During the lockdown we looked at the world from the windows, we watched it and waited” said Bova.

The Christmas Show, the Christmas movie by Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri