Terminator – Dark Destiny“Is the sixth film that is part of the saga conceived by James Cameron, with the first chapter dating back to 1984. The film is the sequel to the first two chapters,” Terminator “and” Terminator 2 – Judgment Day “, with a time jump of 27 years. This chapter does not take into consideration those that have been produced in between ie: “Terminator III”, “Terminator Salvation” and “Terminator Genisys”. As happened in “Terminator Genisys” actor Brett Azar lends his body for the burgeoning version of T800. In fact, over his body, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rejuvenated face is recreated with the computer.

Terminator – Dark Destiny, the film aired on Italia 1

Tonight, Tuesday 20 September 2022, Italy 1 broadcast at 21.20 the 2019 action movie “Terminator – Dark Destiny“, Distributed by 20th Century Fox Italia and produced by Skydance Media, Lightstorm Entertainment, Tencent, Twentieth Century Fox. Directed by Tim Miller, among his most recent films we remember Deadpool, Far North And The Addams family. The main actor is Arnold Schwarzeneggerwinner of 1 Golden Globe Award for Best New Actor for 1977 The giant on the road.

The success he obtained in 1982 by interpreting Conan the barbarian. A few years later James Cameron entrusted him with the role of Terminator. His most recent films are: Kung Fury, The Iron Mask And Aftermath – Revenge. The female lead is Linda Hamiltonwho returns as Sarah Connor. Among his recent films we remember Bermuda Tyentacles, Holy Water, Missing in America. The cast includes Diego Boneta, Mackenzie Davis and Steven Creen.

Terminator – Dark Destiny, the plot of the folm

In “Terminator – Dark Destiny”The protagonist is Sarah Connor again. This time she has to save Dani Ramos’ life. Tracking the girl is the Rev-9, a new and sophisticated model of cyborg, built in liquid metal, with the power to double in a superior way compared to remote machines. In the meantime, Skynet sends from the future a computer with great potential capable of having full control of the future destiny. The process is the same one that years earlier he sent Terminator into the past to prevent John Connor from being born.

In response to the attacks of Rev-9, the resistance has charged Grace, a hybrid machine, half cyborg and half human to safeguard Dani’s life and despite some differences at the beginning, he manages to establish a good friendship with Sarah. However, the advanced technology introduced in Grace and the cutting-edge weapons possessed by Sarah cannot stop Rev-9’s ferocity.

For now the only way not to succumb is to flee. Sarah and Dani realize that they must find a solution as soon as possible, they cannot escape for life and the cyborg having been programmed to kill her, will not stop until it is destroyed. Sarah decides to entrust their life to Terminator, the old model of T-800. At this moment it turns out to be the only winning weapon to save Dani and also the future. Will the machine, whose purpose is to kill, eliminate the cyborg, succeed or, in the face of a more modern design, will it be destined to perish?


TERMINATOR – DESTINO OSCURO / On Italia 1 the sixth film of the saga with Schwarzenegger