Surreal connection in ‘Save me’: Jorge Javier enters Conchi Ortega’s house and irritates his family

‘Save me’ experienced a quite unexpected and surreal moment this Thursday. Jorge Javier Vázquez moved without prior notice and directly to the home of Conchi Ortega Canosister of the bullfighter, who accepted that the entire team of the Telecinco program entered, unleashing anger on the part of her family: “Will you invite me to a coffee?

The kindness with which Conchi received Jorge Javier and his companions at her home at the beginning of the connection changed as her phone kept receiving calls from her closest relatives when she saw what was happening on television.

“Mari Carmen are here. What do you want me to do?”“He replied to Mari Carmen Ortega Cano, who called him on the phone. “It was my sister. He called me to ask me why I opened the door for you. Don’t see how my sister is…Conchi added after making this revelation.

Despite his hospitality, Conchi did not want to comment when answering the questions that Jorge Javier asked him during the time he was at his house having tea: “He does not like to appear on television, you have to give less… I don’t want to talk about anything, these things only bring me problems”.

“I want my brother to be calm and you treat him well. My brother is a very good person. You don’t have to talk about him anymore, something is going to happen to him. It’s okay from trampling on it so much, “Conchi asked Jorge Javier in this surreal connection, in which he also assured that he would only go to the ‘Deluxe’ on one condition:” If you pay me the same as Carrasco “.

Mari Carmen Ortega Cano: “I think what you have done is very ugly”

As soon as he left Conchi’s house, Jorge Javier took advantage of his trip back to the set of ‘Sálvame’ to call Mari Carmen Ortega Cano, who was not very happy that the presenter visited her sister: “I find it very ugly what you have done to my sister. The blood does not run through your veins“.

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“With how you have put my brother every week, I am not going to talk about anything. Today has seemed tremendous to me. What Sergi (Ferrer) has done to him,” Mari Carmen assured.

In fact, Mari Carmen Ortega Cano also had some harsh words with her sister Conchi for having invited ‘Sálvame’ to enter her house: “No camera comes to my house. I have already said everything I had to say. I find it incredible that someone who laughs at my brother, gives him a hug. Nobody makes fun of my family. I don’t go there.”

Surreal connection in ‘Save me’: Jorge Javier enters Conchi Ortega’s house and irritates his family