Superman and Lois can perfectly revive Christopher Reeve’s worst villain

Superman and Lois could finally redeem the hated villain Nuclear Man, from Christopher Reeve’s latest Superman movie. With the CW show recently revealed that it exists outside of the Arrowverse, Superman and Lois are preparing to take Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel and his family on other adventures. The story details for Superman & Lois season 3 should still be under wraps, even as the season 2 finale teased Bruno Mannheim, and by extension Intergang, as the next villains.

While Nuclear Man wouldn’t strike most fans as an ideal villain contender for Superman & Lois given his dreadful reputation from the 1987 film Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, he should be considered for a redemptive comeback. As portrayed on-screen by Mark Pillow, Nuclear Man was a more radioactive version of Superman with additional powers derived from creating him from the sun. Unfortunately, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was a failure in every respect, ending the Christopher Reeve era of Superman movies.

Nuclear Man remains burdened with the legacy of being a lackluster Superman villain, especially compared to General Zod and others, but that dishonor doesn’t have to be permanent. With Superman and Lois’ approach to telling their story, with Clark Kent taking care of his family, the return of Nuclear Man would be an excellent villain choice for the show. In turn, Superman and Lois could offer Nuclear Man a chance to overturn his bad reputation.

The nuclear man has a complex history in movies and comics

Nuclear Man’s disappointing debut in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was primarily the fault of difficult circumstances. The film’s greatly reduced budget, due to the Canon Group’s financial woes at the time, is as much to blame for its failures as the bizarre voice of Nuclear Man, who undermined the development of the villain as a compelling threat. Nuclear Man’s powers were also nullified from the visual effects halfway through the film’s cooking.

While there’s no arguing that he was a badly done villain in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, having a stronger support system in place could certainly have given him more fighting chances. Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis both recognized this with their work on Nuclear Man when the character was officially introduced to DC Comics in 2018. Nuclear Man’s appearance was largely retained and the villain reimagined as a Kryptonian experiment. failed sent to the Phantom Zone. Although Nuclear Man died at the hands of Rogol Zaar, his appearance in the comics has shown that even widely insulted supervillains aren’t necessarily destined to be forgotten forever at their first bad impressions. Superman & Lois shares this perspective.

Superman and Lois worship the entire Superman story

From the start, Superman & Lois not only told a compelling story of Clark Kent as a family man protecting all of humanity, but the show also showed great respect for the entire story of the Superman character. Easter eggs for Superman stories in every medium are everywhere on Superman & Lois, while the show has also worked in frequent tributes to every live-action version of Superman under the sun. Not only are the team behind Superman & Lois still eager for crossovers that tap into the DC multiverse, but they also consider all Man of Steel stories to be equally valid.

Superman III, himself widely regarded as one of the low points of the character’s stories on the big screen, received a tribute in the first episode of Superman & Lois featuring Superman using the icy water of a nearby lake to prevent starting. of a collapsing nuclear power plant. All the series sees is an act of Superman’s heroism and it adapts its own version of that of him into his story. With the idea that Superman and Lois are one where the whole Superman story is welcomed and appreciated simply for having a common love for their shared hero, it would be the perfect place for Nuclear Man to get a second chance at live greatness.

Because the nuclear man would be a great Superman and Lois Villain

A constant strength of Superman and Lois, as well as solving problems that occur along the way, has been the show’s ability to create new and unique take on different Superman villains. Morgan Edge has been renewed into Superman’s half-brother Tal-Rho, with Ally Allston becoming a parasite through her merger with her Bizarre doppelganger, and Bizarre himself being reimagined as an anti-hero and the most cynical Superman in the Bizarre World. Nuclear Man is the type of villain whose conception and execution clearly weren’t in harmony with each other, but he was also something the Bendis and Reis comic reworked into a new take on the villain.

Superman & Lois has more than enough to build their own version of Nuclear Man, as they already did with Morgan Edge, Parasite and the show’s version of Bizarro. The series could now see Nuclear Man finally be the nuclear weapon personified by Superman IV: The Quest for Peace as it hasn’t shown. The show has yet to feature the Phantom Zone, so keeping that aspect of the story from the Nuclear Man comic is one way it could be presented, while the Bizarre World could be another point of origin for him. Superman and Lois may also choose to take an even more original approach, building their own version of Nuclear Man from the ground up, with the show’s approach to Superman’s villains giving him the freedom to do so.

Super villains rarely return to the scene after a debut as bad as Nuclear Man’s, but his introduction to the Superman comics is already proof that new stories could be told with him. Meanwhile, in following Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of Superman in his heroic and family life management arc side-by-side, Superman & Lois was a very inviting show and open to any story, movie or character that has been a part of. The Man of Steel Story Combined with his talent for putting a unique twist on Superman’s villains, a reinvented version of Nuclear Man could be a surprisingly strong asset to Superman and Lois as the show could finally allow him to become the powerful. and menacing super villain he was originally dreamed of being.

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