Steve Allen, from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, participates in a solidarity series for Márgenes y Vínculos

The Margins and Links Foundation has produced a Web called series family with stars which is being filmed in Algeciras with the participation of Steve Allen, creator and manipulator of puppets for television programs such as Sesame Street either Fraggel Rock. The series is part of a social awareness campaign that seeks a home and a foster family for each of the nearly 2,000 children who currently need it in Andalusia.

Steve Allen and Jesus Toledocompany manager Puppets puppets companyhave designed the three puppets that participate in the series: Estrella, the little girl who lives in a shelter for minors, Pepe, the grandfather of what will be her foster family, and Marlon, a dog from the same family.

Steve Allen has been photographed on the beach the little corner with Gibraltar in the background and has expressed his satisfaction at collaborating on a new Margins and Links project. Allen has said that “the abandonment, mistreatment and the need for a foster family for many girls and boys is not a problem exclusive to Andalusia or Spain, but rather it is experienced in all the countries of the world”. “everything we do for raising awareness in society and improving the lives of children in need is welcome. That’s why I’m here,” said the British artist.

The shooting of Star Families it started on thursday september 9 in a house in the Algeciras neighborhood of El Rinconcillo. Post-production is expected to continue during the month of September and the first chapters can be seen in October.


The director of the series is Sergio Medina; the author of the scripts is Michael Postigo and the main roles with real actors are played by Algeciras Carlos Soto, like Antonio, foster father of the girl Estrella; the actress from Campogibraltar Monica Hidalgolike Lucia, the mother of the welcoming family; Elijah Poncethe boy who plays Javi, Estrella’s best friend in the shelter where they both live; Emilio Cano, a Sevillian actor who plays the director of the shelter for minors; Y Aida Postigoyoung actress in the role of Carmen.

They also participate in the filming of the series a group of children and some adults from Algeciras and other towns in the region in the secondary roles that give life to the rest of the center’s staff, friends and neighbors of the protagonist and the host family. living neighborhoodanti-drug coordinator Algeciras, has collaborated in the selection of amateur actresses and actors who participate in the series.

Jose Angel Ponce Lara deputy director of Márgenes y Vínculos and producer of the series, thanked the effort and collaboration of all the people, artists, technicians and volunteers who collaborate in it. Ponce encouraged the future public of the series to collaborate in spreading it and addressed families who are interested in becoming foster homes for minors: “On the web they will be able to find a form”. And he added: “If they fill it out they will receive a call from a person in charge of Márgenes y Vínculos or other similar Andalusian institutions who will inform them about the requirements to be a foster family and its modalities, they will solve all the doubts that may have and will help them start the necessary paperwork, if they so wish.

Ponce also recalled that “those interested can call the free phone number 900 35 44 28. is a project of Margins and Links financed by the Junta de Andalucía charged to 0.7 percent of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF). Many artists have so far shown their support for the campaign: The actors and actresses José Sacristán, Pepe Clavijo, Pepe Carabias, Salva Reina, Luna Fulgencio, Antonio Dechent, Álex O’Dogherty, Lisi Linder, Marta Hoyos, Jesús Olmedo, Antonio Pagudo, or Elsa Belo; the film directors Alexis Morante, Pilar Távora and Clara Reiné. The bailaora Sara Baras or the singers Martirio, María José Llergo and Tatiana de la Luz.

Steve Allen, from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, participates in a solidarity series for Márgenes y Vínculos