Sister Cristina Scuccia who is the winner of The Voice and what she does today

Impossible to forget Sister Cristina Scuccia, the winner of The Voice in 2014. Let’s find out what happened to the famous Italian singing nun.

Today Sister Cristina is in the convent but she was one of the most loved characters on Italian television a few years ago, when her performance on The Voice of Italy went viral in 2014, anticipating her victory on the Rai 2 talent show: we are talking about Cristina Scuccia, or simply in art Sister Christina. Sicilian born in 1988, he took his vows in 2012 after four of the way, but immediately began to participate in television programs, starting from 2012 with Dictionary of feelings on Gold TV, and at the same time he gets to record his first single. Within two years she achieved first national and then international fame, winning precisely The Voice in team with J-Ax. What happened to today Sister Cristina aroused a lot of curiosity because she retired from the music world, an attention that created numerous fake news about her from her alleged husband, to the birth of children up to a historic boyfriend who would have revealed private details della Scuccia who returned to Verissimo’s living room on TV to tell her journey of faith.

Sister Cristina Scuccia of The Voice yesterday and today

Soon after her success on The Voice, she began a truly international pop star career, singing at New York on the Today Show, and then at the Christmas Concert in the Vatican. In 2015 she released the album Sister Cristina in Japanwhich was very successful, and later took part in several theater musicals (Sister Actof course, but also Titanic). In 2018 Felice, her second studio album, was released, and in the following year she took part in two talent shows: The World’s Best on CBS, in the United States, and in Italy at dancing with the Stars. Then, in September of the same year, she took her perpetual vows, which marked her definitive entry into a religious order (in his case, the Ursulines of the Holy Family). His last television appearance was in 2020 in Guess My Age – Guess the age, on Tv8. Since then, Sister Cristina has completely abandoned her career both as a singer and as a television personality, entering the convent permanently. She most recently explained her choice of her in these words: “For me singing has always been synonymous with faithbut in the end I chose to unite with God and put the music aside”.

Sister Cristina married the fake news

During these years, also thanks to her departure from the scene, many rumors have circulated about Sister Cristina, and one of these even claimed that she was marriedundressing the nun’s habit. In reality it is a fake news spread on the internet, playing on a common saying among the nuns, that of “marriage with God”. Sister Cristina, as mentioned, is still a nun and she has never married, except figuratively. Her “marriage” would therefore be the definitive decision to take perpetual vows, taken in September 2019. In this way, she decided to devote herself solely to religious life, abandoning the scenes.

Sister Cristina Scuccia who is the winner of The Voice and what she does today