Shocking confession by Enrica Bonaccorti. A terrible thing has happened

We remember her for having given the “the” to It’s not Rai, an afternoon entertainment programme successful film of the 1990s broadcast on Canale 5. At the time she dominated as prima donna and behind her was a large crossword puzzle which was the reason for the phone calls from the studio to the homes of Italians. And it will be she who launches the first edition of TG5 at 13.00 in 1992. Enrica Bonaccorti is now 77 years old and few know that she is the author of songs such as “The Distance” and “Celebre Terra Mia”, masterfully sung by Domenico Modugno . What can I say, a woman of sure talent in the world of quality entertainment.

The chilling revelation that amazes the audience

He is currently often a guest on television programs and the shocking confession of Enrica Bonaccorti comes from one of his speeches. At the age of 8 she was harassed by a person very close to his family of origin. “A name – he says – that could never emerge” in those days, when there was little knowledge and transparency on similar anecdotes. Bonaccorti reveals the very ugly affair this morning, during the live broadcast of “Italian Stories” on Rai Uno with Eleonora Daniele. The former presenter of “Non è la Rai” intervenes on the scabrous case currently under discussion relating to the abuses of a football coach on young pupils.

Shocking confession by Enrica Bonaccorti complains about not very strict laws

If you look carefully, Bonaccorti talks about her drama for the first time in 2020. Since then, she has recalled this suffering from the past on other TV occasions that still torments her. You can guess it from the disappointed face for the many cases that still occur and perhaps remain wrapped in silence and in the inability to report. To name names and ask for justice. And on her merits, the presenter expresses hers: in fact, she believes that the penalties for this type of crime are often too mild or in any case incapable of arousing real repentance in the person who commits the abuse. In fact, often those who carry out harassment “are repeat offenders”, she says with great bitterness.

How long does the violence suffered by Enrica last and what happens after

So the harassment goes on for Enrica from 8 to 19 years. Throughout that period of her youth she should be full of dreams, joys and light-heartedness. Over ten years of violence that the woman doesn’t even reveal to her mother. Years in which she herself declares that she is unable to talk about it also because in a certain sense what happened in the past, although dramatic, was not perceived as such. However, nothing detracts from the cruelty of the actions and the damage to the interiority of the other. Furthermore, the woman who was born in Savona makes no secret of the fact that even when she arrives at the world of television, she sees and hears different things. Situations of violence and harassment suffered and unspoken against colleagues and acquaintances in the media field.

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Shocking confession by Enrica Bonaccorti. A terrible thing has happened