Second season for “PROPRIO A ME” the Podcast by Selvaggia Lucarelli

After the success of the first season with audiences and critics, PROPRIO A ME, Original Podcast Spotify, by Selvaggia Lucarelli e produced by CHORA MEDIA. Made with the collaboration of Debora Campanella, PROPRIO A ME will be available, exclusively and for free, only on Spotify every Wednesday a new episode starting on September 14th.

After investigating the “toxic” love relationships, Selvaggia Lucarelli’s gaze focuses on family: the great theme that marks the lives of all of us. Whether it was a happy family or a family full of problems, suffocating or made up of many solitudes, whether there were many words or a deafening silence, the family it is what defines us and something we have to deal with every time we really look at ourselves. Selvaggia Lucarelli tells us about her family and those of other people who, like her, at some point in their life, have come to terms with their roots to build their present in the best possible way. Because “The family of origin is what defines everyone’s lives. Sometimes it is also the wound to be healed by becoming an adult ”.


EPISODE 1 – It doesn’t matter

Selvaggia Lucarelli tells the story of her childhood, lived in the countryside near Civitavecchia, and the relationship with her parents, so different from each other, yet united in a symbiotic relationship up to the mother’s illness. And she tells how it was necessary for her to be able to accept the past, abandoning anger and resentment, in order to be able to live peacefully the time that remains of her.

EPISODE 2 – The consequences of a father

Sofia grew up in a wealthy family where, however, a precise educational code was in force, very widespread in the village of Southern Italy where they lived: the barrel. Sofia took it every day until she ran away and permanently cut ties with her family. Until the past came back to ask for her …

EPISODE 3 – The scent of a mother

Marcello is a shy and sensitive child who will be marked forever by the feeling of having been abandoned by his mother, when she leaves the family for another man. After struggling all his life against his demons, wrong paths and difficult relationships, Marcello is trying to build a simple life and a peaceful relationship with his family.

EPISODE 4 – The imaginary sick woman

Laura’s childhood was dominated by a controlling and paranoid mother. Childhood in which the days were marked by the pains of the woman to whom everyone had to pay attention and that everyone had to try to alleviate, in a claustrophobic, rich, but decadent home. Laura’s struggle to free herself from her mother’s shadow lasted her entire life.

EPISODE 5 – Houses have eyes

Sole has always had two families: the one with his brother and his parents, and the extended one of his uncles and grandparents. All in the same building, without real borders and private lives. All always aware of everything, but unable to face the addiction of Sole’s father. And she will have to find by herself the way to plant new roots.

EPISODE 6 – Naming the stones

Mira has always been a lively and rebellious girl, in a house where the code of silence and the ‘unspoken’ was in force, constantly in conflict with her parents and above all with her mother, a cold and severe woman. As an adult Mira goes to live in another country to get away from them, but after the death of her father she realizes that there is no more time, and she begins her journey to discover the story of her mother and her family. .


Selvaggia Lucarelli was born in 1974 in Civitavecchia. Writer, columnist for Daily fact And Tpiprotagonist of numerous TV programs and radio speaker for Radio Capitalhas published four books with Rizzoli. She has a dog with heart disease, a teenage son, a cook boyfriend, and a lot of restlessness.


Debora Campanella born in Milan in 1977, until 2017 she worked in the world of photography and then moved on to podcasts. You collaborated in the making of Poison (2017, The Republic), Dark, The wars of Anna (Audible), Just me (Chora Media) e God’s finger (Chora Media).

OWN TO ME – Stories of wrong families is a Original Spotify Podcast from Wild Lucarelli produced by CHORA MEDIA. Author: Wild Lucarelli with the collaboration of Debora Campanella. Editorial supervision: Pablo Trincia. Theme, sound and music supervision: Luca Micheli. Post production and editing: Luca Micheli, Mattia Liciotti, Guido Bertolotti. Finalization: Guido Bertolotti. Executive producer: Valentina Meli And Ilaria Celeghin. Direct sound engineers: Francesco Liotard And Lorenzo Ferrillo. Studio sound engineers: Mattia Liciotti, Filippo Mainardi And Aurora Ricci.

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