San Andreas true story of the movie with The Rock

You might be surprised to find that there is a true story behind The Rock San Andreas movie, released in theaters in 2015. Read and find out.

Dwayne Johnson’s film career is known for being filled with scenes bordering on the absurd. We saw him as characters engaged in incredible stunts. He passed from the world of the ancient Egyptians to that of Jumanji, and beyond. It is surprising, therefore, to discover that there is a true story hidden somewhere in San Andreas. Ray Gaines is an experienced firefighter rescue helicopter pilot. On the personal front he is engaged in a difficult divorce from his his wife Emma. Suddenly a 7.1 magnitude earthquake breaks out, causing a dam to collapse. The entire San Andreas fault is shifting, which will cause a series of chain earthquakes capable of destroying all the cities along the line. An apocalyptic scenario that pushes the man in a desperate attempt to save his family.

San Andreas true story

What’s true in the film starring The Rock is the San Andreas Fault. This really exists and is constantly monitored by expert seismologists. It is a sword of Damocles resting on the heads of all citizens in California, at the center of several disaster films. This is because the danger is real and no one excludes the hypothesis that the preventive signals can arrive in extremely short times compared to the catastrophe.

California is often subjected to medium and small earthquakes. On the other hand, the tremors of high intensity, higher than magnitude 7. In the mid-1800s, an earthquake of magnitude 8 was recorded and one of 8.6 in 1906. This occurred in the central-northern area. In the south, on the other hand, there have been no events of this magnitude for three centuries. However, it is precisely here that the arrival of the Big One is expected in an unspecified future, that is, that seismic event capable of starting a chain reaction and changing the morphology of the place forever, causing countless deaths. This is because due to the slippage of the plates that delimit the fault, enough energy has accumulated that it can cause an apocalypse, if released.

Experts from the Uniform California Earthquae Rupture Forecast argue that there is a 99% probability that a 6.7 magnitude earthquake will occur by 2035. Not exactly accurate and well-defined estimates over time. What is imagined in the film with The Rock is incredibly exaggerated. It is hypothesized that the Big One may have a magnitude between 7 and 8, as happened in the past. This does not, however, make you breathe a sigh of relief. In terms of victims, in fact, an estimate made underlines how 1,800 people could die from a 7.8 earthquake, with an economic damage of approximately 210 billion dollars.

San Andreas true story of the movie with The Rock