Roberto Lipari and Sergio Friscia: «We are a de facto couple and we will set up house together» | TV Smiles and Songs

The two comedians host the satirical news for the second time: and here they go wild with jokes

November 21, 2022 at 08:53

Together they are uncontainable: Robert Lipari And Sergio Friscia they are unable to remain serious “even as a joke”, because the taste for the joke (and the retorted) wins over everything. So let’s have fun together with the two comedians from Palermo, who lead for the second time “Strip the news”.

On November 17 “Striscia” celebrated 34 years. Roberto wasn’t even born 34 years ago! Doesn’t it have a certain effect on you?
Sergio: «I told him about the first two years, now he’s fully prepared!».
Roberto: «He has all the VHS! It’s an honor to lead it: what is there in Italy that has lasted for 34 years? Only Antonio Ricci and the temples of Agrigento».

Last year you conducted 44 episodes together, this year, given your return in the spring, you will even reach 66. Are you expanding?
Sergio: «(Laughs). Sicilians are like that, you tell them to bring something and they arrive with ten trays of cannoli. And we are very happy to come back also from February 13th to March 11th».
Roberto: «For us it is an honor to “double up” and I believe that the cannoli are the cause. Our career is based on bribery with sweets».

When Antonio Ricci called you this summer, what was your first reaction?
Sergio: «He came from a dinner with friends where they had drunk everything and the next day he called us. We took the opportunity to sign the contract immediately. It was wonderful to receive his call, we were on vacation together ».
Roberto: «I did my first dive with Sergio because, I know you wouldn’t think so, but he’s an instructor. To save money we do everything together, from “Striscia” to holidays, to films…».
Sergio: «YES, in fact we want to move in together. This is hers (shows her belly prominent, ed)! We will call him Antonio».

Other signs that you are becoming a “de facto couple”?
Sergio: «No parking and one-way traffic: that is, we don’t stop and we go on having fun like crazy».
Roberto: «We weren’t born as a couple but we recently became one and therefore we are still in the falling in love phase».

Have your families met before?
Sergio: «We have the classic meals together, they are all good forks and my mum makes a very good parmigiana. Ours is a culinary family».
Roberto: «They already love each other».

What do you stay in Palermo Doc?
Roberto: «In cheering: go Palermo! And in the ability to immediately switch from a sad topic to a cheerful one, which is also the spirit of “Striscia”».
Sergio: «Even in the drama, the Palermitan rolls up his sleeves and tries to smile, looking for the positive side. The Sicilian is very “pop” in the way he presents himself, he has a comedy and a
language that reach the public more easily.
Roberto: «In fact Sergio makes himself understood also by the dog of “Striscia”, Luce. Only he and St. Francis can do it».

Instead, what are you “milanesising” yourselves with?
Sergio: «I would never have said it, but I like risotto alla Milanese».
Roberto: «Yes, but you put sardines on it! Milan is the city where I feel best, it’s very welcoming».
Sergio: «I believe it, it is full of Palermitans, Apulians and Neapolitans».
Roberto: «Anyone who comes from outside is considered an asset».
Sergio: «I’m leaving us with an iridescent amount of money, more wealth than that».

Have your fellow citizens Ficarra and Picone given you their blessing?
Roberto: «They are friends. They have hosted “Striscia” for 15 years and it was wonderful to host them in the first episode. See you outside too, they made a series together with Sergio and produced my second film “I know everything about you”, in which Friscia also stars, which will be released
in theaters next year.
Sergio: «They are the rich brothers, a bit like the grandfather we ask for weekly pocket money».

Finding yourself behind the counter of “Striscia” on your first day, how was it?
Sergio: «I got excited because I’m still going there after two months in Sicily!».
Roberto: «This year the public is back: there is another energy».

Have you been kind to the new Veline?
Roberto: «The first day we brought the pastry and rotisserie from Palermo, but Cosmary competes with us with the pasticciotti from Puglia, so a culinary competition has been created between us».
Sergio: «There’s a lot of balance, we leave them free to do… what we say. We even let them out of the dressing room from time to time. They are engaged, so for me they are like… brothers».

Speaking of stacchetti: Sergio, is it true that you have a hidden talent as a dancer?
Sergio: «In 34 years of “Striscia” I was the only one who replaced a Velina, last year».
Roberto: “Due to a positive swab, it was him and Shaila who were the Veline”.
Sergio: «Thirty years of career thrown in one evening!».

Roberto, do you also have an unsuspected talent?
Sergio: «The women in the public like it, it goes away like hotcakes from 70 years of age on. And then he manages to eat everything I bring him».
Roberto: «I can live with Sergio without gaining weight. After the episode, we go out to dinner, he confiscates the menu and orders for everyone, even the neighboring tables. Food arrives endlessly, people think it’s a wedding. Then he gets offended if you don’t eat everything. Every evening
we finish like this. Then I don’t have lunch for four days, but it’s not easy not to get fat».

Let’s part with a Tapir. What would you deserve it for?
Sergio: «I can’t go on a diet due to lack of willpower. I am attracted because I ate the last nutritionist».
Roberto: «I would give it to myself for all the times I don’t realize how lucky I am».

Roberto Lipari and Sergio Friscia: «We are a de facto couple and we will set up house together» | TV Smiles and Songs