The ROME INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL announces the masterclasses scheduled during the first edition of the review on international documentary cinema, scheduled in Rome, from 24 to 30 September at the Cinema delle Provincie. There will be three moments of conversation with the best professionals in the sector, in which young aspiring documentary makers, directors and documentary cinema operators will have a precious opportunity to enter the secrets of the trade and face its difficulties, riches and opportunities.

To open the meetings, Tuesday 27 September at 10:30 am at CSC – Experimental Center of Cinematography will be the director Bill Morrisonin conversation with Alina Marazziin a meeting entitled CONSIDER THE SOURCE. The masterclass will focus on Morrison’s filmography based on the found footage used during editing. Participants will explore the implications of limiting oneself to a single source or opening the archive to include many different sources. Admission is free upon reservation required at the email programming@ridf.it. The initiative is carried out as a partnership between the RIDF and the CSC – Experimental Center of Cinematographywith the collaboration of UnArchive Found Footage Festthe festival dedicated to archive reuse, organized by the Audiovisual Archive of the Labor and Democratic Movement (AAMOD).

Wednesday 28 September at 10:30 am is on schedule I AM YOUR EYEa meeting on the director / director of photography relationship that you will see in conversation Costanza Quatriglio with photography Sabrina Varaniby virtue of their ten-year collaboration: a dialogue that will investigate the creative and technical aspects of their respective professions, supplemented by the vision of the film With bated breath and sequences from the films made together. Admission is € 5.00 with reservations recommended.

Protagonist of the last scheduled masterclass Thursday 29 September at 10:30 am to the Cinema of the ProvincesSara Aline Hervéin conversation with Beppe Leonetti on the theme of editing. The meeting named WHO SEES THE ELEPHANT?, with reference to Hokusai’s print which reproduces the fable of the ten blind men and the elephant, it can be a perfect metaphor for the making of a film. Everyone sees a part of the elephant and interprets it in his own way. But who, among the collaborators of the film, manages to understand that it is really an elephant? Does the editor succeed that the elephant has to deliver it to the public? This meeting also includes an entrance fee of € 5.00 with a booking suggestion.

Finally, with the aim of creating a moment of in-depth reflection on the problems, challenges and limits that the author of documentaries in Italy must face, the RIDF welcomes a call for discussion by fellow documentary makers, opening the room of the Cinema of the Provinces the morning of Friday 30 September (10:30 am) to a meeting entitled: ITALIAN DOCUMENTARY CINEMA, WHAT FUTURE FOR THE AUTHORS?. The meeting, sponsored by Doc / itis moderated by Enrico Parenti And Christian Carmosino Mereuis open to the public and all directors and authors of Italian documentary cinema are invited.

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