Reveal the latest images of Fray Vásquez: He lived in the Golf Los Incas apartment, rented for $1,650 per month

They broadcast images of Fray Vásquez at Golf Los Incas

Revealing videos from surveillance cameras come to light. Panorama issued a report with the latest images captured of the fugitive Friar Vasquez Castillo, nephew of the president of the republic, Pedro Castillo.

He is seen outside the luxurious and exclusive Incas Golf House building in Surco, wearing casual clothes, branded sneakers and a cap so as not to attract attention. The controversial businessman also appears on the scene Zamir Villaverde.

According to tax suspicions, Vasquez Castillo would have been the “political operator” who “hooked you” with tenders in the Transport Ministries and Communications, as well as Housing. This would only have been possible with “the coming” of the president.

Zamir Villaverde is one of those investigated who collaborates with the prosecution in the case that is followed by the president’s entourage.

The report points out that the president’s nephew left his house located in the Fundo Oquendo del Callao for the Golf Los Incasthe most exclusive area of ​​the Surco district, “with its new luxury provider Zamir Villaverde”.

According to the Sunday Friar Vasquezwho has been a fugitive for more than 230 days, also had at his disposal a luxury Chevrolet truck that he used to get around to an ostentatious apartment, located on the fourth floor of the building. Incas Golf Housewhich would be owned by Villaverde.

The tax investigation determined last year that villaverde rented apartment 403 of 248 square meters at $1650 monthly rent. Panorama points out that although the businessman used the place sporadically, those who “got the most out of it” were Vasquez Castillo and their relatives.

Due to the escape of Fray Vásquez, the government has been questioned for cover-up.
Due to the escape of Fray Vásquez, the government has been questioned for cover-up.

The Sunday showed the records of visits to the building and there appears the name of Bruno Pacheco, former Secretary General of the Palace and former confidant of the president. The indicated date of his visit is July 31 of last year.

It also appears in those records Vladimir Meza Villarrealmayor of Huaraz between 2011 and 2014, who is currently facing multiple investigations for alleged acts of corruption during his administration.

The name of Fray Vásquez Castillo came to the fore almost from the moment his uncle, President Pedro Castillo, came to power. It is the visible face of the most intimate core of the president. He is not the only one, but he is the most influential of the family clan; He has direct access to the Palace, according to different versions, despite the fact that he does not have a public position. After eight months in government, much has been said and written about him.

Currently, Fray Vásquez is being investigated for the Provías case, an entity attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), where the presence of a mafia has been denounced to direct public works that would implicate President Castillo himself and his closest entourage. A request weighs on him, despite the fact that he is a fugitive, so that he does not leave the country.

According to a news report issued by Fourth power, last September, the large debts that the presidential nephew had were settled in the “blink of an eye.” In that report, it is estimated that he received almost 100,000 soles, supposedly from an illegal source, from the beginning of the president’s electoral campaign until the first months of his administration.

The most surprising thing, according to the Sunday program of América Televisión, is that this young man, who He is still being sought by the Peruvian justice and was even included in the Rewards Programhe went from living with various debts to “distributing” thousands of soles among his friends.

According to information from the Oversight Commission, Friar Vasquez He was the owner of a small chifa located in the Callao district, but for a very short period, his life changed completely, where he even benefited his neighbors in the Oquendo area.


Reveal the latest images of Fray Vásquez: He lived in the Golf Los Incas apartment, rented for $1,650 per month