Reruns on TV: enough is enough!

“42.9% of feature films scheduled in 2020 had already been broadcast in 2019”

“Still !” This exclamation is more and more common among viewers when they consult their TV programs or their dedicated applications. So think: Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, which has just been broadcast by TF1, has already been scheduled four times on the same channel and on its little sister, TMC, between 2020 and 2021! An aberration that has taken on unimaginable proportions in recent years, to the point of making the endless rebroadcasts of The big mop almost normal!

According to the National Center for Cinematography (CNC) which lists, in particular, all the statistics on cinema and television, “42.9% of the feature films programmed by the channels in 2020 had already been broadcast in 2019. rebroadcast rate which has increased by 10.2% over the last ten years. Among the most exhibited films over the decade 2012-2022, let us mention, in order, Kirikou and the Wild Beasts by Michel Ocelot, the new head of the gondola for family evenings (Kirikou and the Witch ranks fourth), Delphine 1 – Yvan 0 by Dominique Farrugia and Forest Rebels 3 by Cody Cameron. It is interesting to observe that Dominique Farrugia’s comedy had not been sold in theaters in its time (but benefits, retroactively, from the presence of Julie Gayet) and that the cartoon The rebels3 was released directly on video in 2010. In other words, it is not necessarily the reputation of the films that favors their multiple distributions but their attractive price and their ability to bring the family together in front of the screen.


The phenomenon is not about to stop because of the audiences – which are continuing – for these repeat broadcasts and the proliferation of channels, medium or small, eager for content with acquired potential. It is also the fault of the distributors and rights holders of the films who are increasingly willing to sell off their products. So what will you be watching next week? A Ramboa Asterix or one Angelica, Marquise of Angels ?


The return ! Twenty-five years after its last broadcast in 1997, La Cuisine des mousquetaires, the famous cooking show co-hosted by Maïté and Micheline Banzet, will be reborn from its ashes. Shot in Toulouse, this modernized version of the original concept will be broadcast every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on France 3 Occitanie, before experiencing other regional broadcasts, then being available on the France Télévisions platform. It is to the young chef Fabrice Mignot, who already holds a program on France 3 Occitanie, that falls the heavy task of succeeding Maïté. He will be accompanied by comedian Caroline Estremo.

Fabrice Mignot ©Philippe Mazzoni


caroline estremo

ALAIN CHABAT: The underside of the “Late Show”


Alain Chabat returns to TF1 with a concept inspired by American news shows. The Late Show will be broadcast in the second part of the evening, from November 21 to December 2. The actor has already unveiled behind the scenes of the show’s teaser where, with Jamel Debbouze and Léa Drucker, he parodied Charles III struggling with a recalcitrant pen! “During the night, I write this little nonsense, I send it at 4:30 am to Benoît, with whom I work. I tell him that it should be turned quickly. He replies: “Go ahead, we are shooting it tonight.” […] We shot the thing in two hours, edited it the next morning and posted it in the afternoon! »

It is said :

“I will never be sitting on a couch with a dog next to me.” (Nagui)


The 13-year-old Mosellen had managed to reach the fi nal of the seventh season of The Voice Kids (won by Rebecca) by touching the hearts of viewers. It is he who has just been chosen to represent France at Eurovision Junior to be held in Armenia on December 11. He will perform Oh Maman!, a song written by Frédéric Château and Barbara Pravi, second in Eurovision in 2021.


Barely has the fourth season just named its winner, in this case Amaury Vassili, that TF1 has already decided to schedule a fifth edition for the start of the next school year. And this, despite rather dull audiences – 600,000 viewers less than last season. The names of the four investigators have not yet been released. Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams will they stack up again?


The queen consort is rumored to be the big beneficiary of The Crown season 5, currently available on Netflix which we had not yet seen at the time of writing these lines. According to her interpreter, Olivia Williams, watching this season, “we understand why Charles fell in love with her” and, above all, that we cannot summarize her as the simple home wrecker described by the tabloids at the time. .

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Reruns on TV: enough is enough!