Raffaello Schifino, wife and children of Enrico Papi / “Our marriage works …”

Raffaella Schifino, who is Enrico Papi’s wife: from marriage to …

Raffaella Schifino is the wife of Enrico Papi. A few days ago, she returned from holidays, spent with her entire family and family friends on a boat between Capri and the Aeolian Islands. She is now in Rome, next to her husband who is preparing to resume his successful program Seriously. It is not easy to get news about her as she is very private and, until now, had no social profile. However, thanks to interviews given by her husband, we know that she has always been with him, even in difficult moments such as when he found himself forced to abandon television programs. Enrico Papi, in recent interviews, says he suffered a sort of bullying and felt forced to resign due to a small drop in share. But to have been lucky enough to have a special woman next to him like his wife Raffaella, who she has never stopped supporting him.

Recent rumors suggested that Raffaella Schifino and Enrico Papi had split up. However, her husband immediately denied these fake news, clarifying that the lockdowns have destroyed many couples, forced to live together for long periods, reluctantly, while the two of them joined even more and took advantage of that situation to be even more time together. and they have been happily married for 23 years. Raffaella Schifino has been married since 1998 with the conductor Enrico Papi and Maurizio Costanzo was one of her witnesses, along with her sister. She has two wonderful 22-year-old children Rebecca, identical to her father and 14-year-old Jacopo. The whole family, she has always lived in America, precisely in Miami, until a few years ago they had to flee in a hurry due to a hurricane that devastated many homes. Since then, Raffaella’s children have started to keep a suitcase at home always ready for any eventuality. Currently, her daughter Rebecca lives in the USA, while her brother Jacopo, fourteen, lives in Rome.

Enrico Papi and the relationship with his children Rebecca and Jacopo: “I was a permissive father …”

Enrico Papi in an interview with Verissimo he had spent words of esteem for his wife Raffaella. During these years, the two have always supported each other: “A marriage can work in life if you become accomplices. The dose of endurance the more you get older the more it increases. He still bears me, he has great patience ”. The conductor is certainly very attached to his wife and in the past when he went through some rather difficult moments he could count on his closeness and his love.

At the weekly Nuovo, Enrico Papi had revealed that he was a permissive father: “I’ve always been a very permissive dad, I’ve never been strict. Many couples didn’t hold up and split up. But that’s not our case. That was another chance to spend more time together. With Raffaella we celebrated 23 years of marriage ”. Furthermore, after Jacopo’s birth, Enrico Papi decided to move away from the world of television to spend more time with his child and family: this is why he is rarely seen on TV today, compared to the past.


Raffaello Schifino, wife and children of Enrico Papi / “Our marriage works …”