Previews Un Posto al Sole: today’s episode, November 17

Advances: a new and surprising installment of A Place in the Sun is about to be broadcast on the screens of Rai Tre starting at 20:50. Let’s find out, together, what will happen and follow Le our previews on

Previews Un Posto al Sole: the episode of 17 November

While Lia could leave the Palace, Diego takes a very courageous step to detain her. Meanwhile, we find out that someone very familiar has found the jewels. Roberto, on the other hand, has an unprecedented confrontation with Raffaele: will he have lost Marina forever? Viola goes to Rosa to apologize in Antonio’s name and beg her to have Manuel come back to her again.

Previews A Place in the Sun: Ilenia Lazzarin – Filmography


  • Twin girls in Romedirected by Steve Purcell (2002)


  • Atlantisdirected by Gilberto Squizzato (2000)
  • wings of life 2directed by Stefano Reali (2001)
  • A Place in the Sunvarious directors (since 2001)
  • A place in the summer sunsoap operas (2006)
  • One step from heavendirected by Enrico Oldoini (2011)
  • Star playerdirected Richard Woman (2011)
  • The farmer is looking for a wifeTV show (2016-2017)

Short films

  • The silences of the heartdirected by Onofrio Brancaccio (2005)
  • All in one minutedirected by Andrea Bermani (2007)
  • Let’s free somethingdirected by Guido Tortorella (2009)[5]


  • How to survive houseworkdirected by Paolo Migone (2014)

Previews A Place in the Sun: Patrizio Rispo- Filmography


  • In the kingdom of Naples, directed by Werner Schroeter (1979)
  • I’m starting from three, directed by Massimo Troisi (1981)
  • Death of a Neapolitan mathematician, directed by Mario Martone (1992)
  • Parcel, double parcel and counter package, directed by Nanni Loy (1993)
  • Sarahsarà, directed by Renzo Martinelli (1994)
  • Figurines, directed by Giovanni Robbiano (1997)
  • Strong hands, directed by Franco Bernini (1997)
  • The life of others, directed by Nicola De Rinaldo (2001)
  • Swept Away (Swept Away), directed by Guy Ritchie (2002)
  • Olimpo Lupo crime reporter, directed by Fabrizio Laurenti (2003)
  • Stolen Christmas, directed by Pino Tordiglione (2003)
  • Certain Children, directed by Andrea Frazzi and Antonio Frazzi (2004)
  • There is a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Neapolitan, directed by Eduardo Tartaglia (2008)
  • Border line, directed by Fabio Massa (2009)
  • The photographer, directed by Carmine Girolamo (2009)
  • The legal age, directed by Enrico Caria (2010)
  • Teresa Manganiello, In the footsteps of love, directed by Giuseppe Tordiglione (2011)
  • Impepata di nozze – Getting married in the south is a whole different story…, directed by Angelo Antonucci (2012)
  • Welcome President!, directed by Riccardo Milani (2013)
  • Neverending Summer, directed by Brando Improta (2013)
  • Malanapoli, directed by Enzo Morzillo (2013)
  • The grotto, directed by Giordany Orellanna (2013)
  • Graffiti – Story of a Tagging Crew, directed by Alfonso Cioce (2014)
  • Burn Naples, directed by Arnaldo Delehaye (2016)
  • Love and underworld, directed by the Manetti Bros. (2017)


  • The octopus 7 – Investigation into the death of Commissioner Cattani, directed by Luigi Perelli – TV miniseries (1995)
  • Death of a witch, directed by Cinzia TH Torrini – TV miniseries (1995)
  • The great fire, directed by Fabrizio Costa – TV miniseries (1995)
  • A place in the sun, various directors – soap operas (1996-ongoing)
  • Mad Family – TV series (1996)
  • Seafarers – TV series, first episode (2005)
  • Assunta Spina, directed by Riccardo Milani – TV miniseries (2006)
  • Crimes – episode Teresa’s lair, directed by Stefano Sollima – TV series (2006)
  • A Place in the Summer Sun, soap opera (2007)
  • 7 Lives 2 – Sitcom, episode The Arabs Are Coming (2009)
  • Nero Wolfe, directed by Riccardo Donna (2012)
  • Caruso, the voice of love, directed by Stefano Reali (2012)
  • A place in the sun with flakes, directed by Fabio Sabbioni – TV movie (2013)
  • Children of Destiny, directed by Francesco Miccichè – TV movie (2019)

TV Programs

  • Wide Sunday – author and host (2009)
  • Artificial cooks – author and presenter (2009)
  • Summer time – author and presenter (2011)
  • Pyrotechnic cooks – author and host (2012)
  • A place in the sun show, directed by Fabio Sabioni (2015)

Previews Un Posto al Sole: today’s episode, November 17