“Pollo” Valdivia tells that Claudia Conserva had COVID

The television presenter spoke on the Cada Día Mejor program where he revealed the current situation of his wife, who is finishing the first half of her chemotherapy.

Television host Juan Carlos “Pollo” Valdivia spoke with Alfredo Lamadrid, to whom he revealed that his wife, Claudia Conserva, recently contracted COVID-19 in the midst of her breast cancer treatment.

in the middle of the show Everyday betterthe journalist consulted Valdivia regarding the comments of people both on television and on social networks who are attentive to the health of his wifeconsulting the current situation.

“There is an emotional issue that has to do with a very intimate issue of how one survives this, because affects the person who becomes ill and their immediate environment”Valdivia began by saying.

Likewise, he pointed out that “we entered a kind of ostracism. Claudia is very locked up avoiding contagion ”, however, she regretted that “we do not understand how, but she had COVID a couple of weeks ago ”.

On this complicated health picture, Valdivia pointed out that “her situation, with her defenses down, It could have been something very complicated, and he overcame it ”.

the animator of Knock Show He also stated that currently “it is complex to be able to spin a coherent idea about what is happening, because you are emotionally very charged”.

Taking advantage of that moment, The communicator wanted to thank the messages of support and the concern of his followers on social networkscalling for preventive examinations to avoid a late diagnosis of the disease.

“Pollo” Valdivia and the current state of Claudia Conserva

Regarding the state of his wife, Valdivia affirmed that “Claudia has already passed the first half of her chemotherapy And it’s almost coming to the end of that.”

After finishing chemotherapy a medical board will have to decide what the next step is in the treatment of Conserva, which will depend on how the tests on your condition are seen.

“There you see if there is surgery and on what date, or if radiotherapy is done,” he explained. “The problem with cancer is that it is not that you have surgery and you are ready; It is a long process that can take at least a year, and many years later,” he commented.

In any case, he assured that his partner “is responding well to treatment, but it is very painful in physical terms, very tiring (…) Claudia is a young woman, 48 years old, and it is the age in which the issue of breast cancer worsens the most”.

Lamadrid also wanted to know about how the situation is lived at the family level, to which Valdivia assured that “it is complicated.”

“One is familiar, but it is different when it affects the narrowest group,” he began by saying. “We have two children, one is 19, the other is going to turn 21, They are big goats, but they are not without the sensitivity of seeing their sick mother”he pointed.

“Cancer is very scoundrel, because it is not a disease that can pass through, because it is notorious: you are affected by hair loss, eyelashes, eyebrows… the weakness that generates you in every way”, he explained.

Likewise, he also pointed to the psychological problems that it implies, pointing out that it is necessary extreme care to avoid catching any diseasecausing a confinement similar to what was the quarantine in 2020.

“Pollo” Valdivia tells that Claudia Conserva had COVID-19 in the middle of cancer treatment | TV and show