Plouzévédé: “Nightmare in the kitchen saved our restaurant”

Philippe Etchebest’s selfie with Marie-Laure Guillou and Patrice Cabioch at the Restaurant du Guillec in Plouzévédé. ©PE.

Monday November 21, 2022, in the second part of the evening, M6 rebroadcast the show Kitchen nightmare devoted to Guillec Restaurantin large difficulties at Plouzévédé, in Finistère. That Philippe Etchebestthe media chef, and his teams, had come to help.

“We still had feedback”, is surprised Marie-Laure Guillouwho manages the establishment with his companion, Patrice Cabioch, chef.

“At 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Patrice received a phone call from a gentleman who lives in Brest. His voice was shaking, he said he was very touched by the show, by our story and that he will come and eat at the restaurant as soon as he has the opportunity. We also saw that someone had tried to phone the restaurant at 1 am. Yes, we still received many heart-warming testimonies. Less than the first time of course, but that’s normal. »

“We stayed natural”

The first time was March 14. More 3.3 million viewers watched the showM6, in prime time. “People from everywhere. From Finistère, from Brittany, from the four corners of France, from the United States. This summer, a young man and his little boy, who live in Montreal but who were on vacation with their family in Santec, are, for example, passed. Some came specially from Saint-Malo. All said we had ’em moved. Marie-Laure Cabioch is convinced of this:

Viewers saw that we stayed ourselves on the show, natural, without cheating. We participated in it to save our establishment.

“We could last four months”

But why did the restaurant couple call on Philippe Etchebest? “We were really in difficulty. We had reopened in June 2021 after the Covid-19we are not in a tourist sector so July and August were complicated and, in September, when we thought it was going to pick up again, we happened to have three covers on Saturday evening and two on Sunday lunchtime…”

At the end of November, Patrice Cabioch and Marie-Laure Guillou took stock:

We could last for four months. After that, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Without a priori

The chef watches cooking shows on TV, and Cauchemar en cuisine. »Patrice saw a production announcement who was looking for restaurant owners in difficulty in Finistère. We answered it. We had to try something. They were contacted on December 10. “And it all came together. Technicians arrived without warning Monday, January 17, Philippe Etchebest landed and had lunch at the restaurant. ” He has not found nothing to complain about on the dishes served, quite the contrary.

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Then he spent an hour and a half with Patrice in the kitchen. To understand where our problems came from.

She assures him: “He came, he knew nothing about us, had no a priori. the filming lasted from Monday to Thursday morning. I can promise you that the works in the restaurant were made in 48 hours as the production claims. With about forty people to work day and night. »

A nice meeting

But then, what was wrong? “The problems mainly came from our organization. In 2015, we took over the restaurant created in 1971 by my mother and my grandmother. I had to take my flight, in fact. »

Marie-Laure Cabioch continues: “Philippe Etchebest freed us from lots of good advice. Like that of sometimes knowing how to refuse people in order to welcome customers and serve them. Or to close one day in the week: we have a three-year-old boy, Charly, so we opted for Wednesday, children’s day. It’s a beautiful encounter with a beautiful person, the only great chef by the way who spoke out to defend small restaurateurs during confinement. »

His side goes in? ” He can be hardbut we found it just, honest. He says what he thinks, he puts his finger on what’s wrong. After the shooting, he had telephoned us twice, the Saturday before the broadcast of the program to let us know, the following Thursday to find out how things were going. »

100 covers

After the first broadcast, the restaurant climbed up to 100 covers per service.

It was quite impressive. We sometimes refuse people…

And today, nearly eight months later? ” This is less good, around forty covers on average. But there has been work on the road for three weeks. I specify that despite the road indicated blocked, it is possible to access the restaurant. »

A trace

Since Kitchen nightmarethe Restaurant du Guillec, located between Plouzévédé and Plouvorn, has hired a second cook. He has two waitresses and a third is due to start soon.

the balance sheet of the passage in the emission? “We had a great experience. The production teams are benevolent, very human. And we are always accompanied: psychological follow-up, someone studies our accounts every month to see if we are in the nails, if the margin is good… Frankly, if we had to do it again, we would do it again. Kitchen nightmare has saved our family restaurant and allows us to continue our activity. We are very grateful to all of them and we thank them. We approach the following more serenely. »

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Plouzévédé: “Nightmare in the kitchen saved our restaurant”