Pilar Palomero moves with ‘La matinal’ San Sebastián

A winner at the last Goya awards with her debut feature, Las Niñas, Zaragoza-born director Pilar Palomero has had a warm welcome at the San Sebastian Film Festival with La maternal, the learning story of a rebellious and defiant teenager who becomes pregnant and enters a center for underage mothers, and with whom she becomes one of the three women directors who aspire to the Golden Shell, of the 17 candidate films.

with the debutante Carla Quílez as the protagonist and Ángela Cervantes in the role of her mother, The film is inspired by the conversations that Palomero (Zaragoza, 1980) had with young people who had gone through similar situations, some of whom participate in the cast of the film.

“When I met them I thought that each of them could have an entire film, their strength fascinated me,” the director told Efe. “I was especially intrigued by that contradictory experience of being a teenager and a mother at the same timebecause adolescence is looking inside, finding your place in the world, while motherhood is being generous, caring”.

Palomero recounts how Carla, 14, and her classmates deal with their triply vulnerable situationfor being adolescents, mothers and finding themselves in precarious family and economic situations and at risk of social exclusion, but far from re-victimizing them, it shows that strength in them and offers them a learning opportunity.

“I never thought of it as a ‘feel-good movie’”, she assures, “but I would like to make you feel what I felt when I met them, there are many prejudices with teenage pregnancies, they broke my schemes, especially when I realized that they are mothers and wonderful people each in their circumstances”.

To Carla Quilez She was discovered by her casting director through Instagram. “Since I was little, as a result of the confinement I began to do dances, they went viral and I began to gain followers and receive proposals,” explained the young debutante.

to dovecote he was seduced by seeing her dance but he was finally convinced in the tests with the camera. “She knew that she was going to carry the weight of the film and I had to make sure that she could reach different and complex emotions, I immediately saw that there was no problem, she comes in a lot to play and she is not afraid”,

Since the success of Las Niñas Palomero lives a sweet moment, but it has not always been so. She graduated in Hispanic Philology and graduated in cinematography from Ecam in 2006, she shot her first short film and started working as a cameraman, but her crisis “destroyed” her and she returned to her hometown. Her professional life took a turn when in 2013 she was one of the 16 filmmakers selected by director Béla Tarr to participate in his collaborative project in Sarajevo, where she spent four years. “What I learned is that I was already a filmmaker,” said Palomero“it may seem simple but for me it was fundamental, believing that you can do it is the first step and you have to take it”.

Pilar Palomero moves with ‘La matinal’ San Sebastián