Phil Comeau made an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic

Presentation of the insignia of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters awarded to Acadian director Phil Comeau

The insignia of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters were presented to Mr. Phil Comeau on Monday, November 14, 2022 on the stage of the Capitol Theater in Moncton by the Consul General of France in the Atlantic Provinces, Mr. Johan Schitterer. This ceremony took place a few minutes before the world premiere screening of Phil Comeau’s new film, L’ORDRE SECRET, as part of the Festival International de Cinéma Francophone en Acadie (FICFA).

Acadian filmmaker from Baie Sainte-Marie in Nova Scotia, Phil Comeau studied drama at the Université de Moncton before pursuing film studies in Paris as a France-Acadie scholarship holder.

He wrote and directed the first independent Acadian feature film, LE SECRET DE JEROME, in 1994, as well as the first Acadian television series for Radio-Canada, LA SAGOUINE, shot entirely by an Acadian crew in 2006. He has since directed several dozens of series and films, both documentaries and fiction. His works contribute to making the Acadian cultural heritage known in Canada, the United States and Europe and highlight the diversity and richness of the Canadian Francophonie.

One of his most recent successes, BELLE-ÎLE EN ACADIE, deals in particular with the Acadian diaspora on the Breton island as well as the unbreakable historical and family ties between Acadie and France. He has won more than 400 awards at international film festivals since 2019. While his new film, L’ORDRE SECRET, has just been presented at FICFA, Phil Comeau is already working on the post-production of his documentary shot in France in the summer of 2022, RACINES & DIASPORA, with the support of France-Acadie Fund.

Also a member of the Order of Canada (since 2011), of the Order of New Brunswick (since 2016) and recipient of the Léger-Comeau Medal in 2021, Phil Comeau was Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters since 2006.

The ministerial order of Arts and Letters was created on May 2, 1957. It reports to the Minister responsible for Culture. After the two national orders (the order of the Legion of Honor and the national order of Merit), it is one of the four ministerial orders with the order of Academic Palms, the order of Agricultural Merit and the order of Maritime merit to have been maintained after the creation, in 1963, by General de Gaulle, of the National Order of Merit bringing together most of the ministerial orders. The rank of officer is the second level of the Order.

The conditions of attribution, defined by decree, state that “this order is intended to reward people who have distinguished themselves by their creations in the artistic or literary field or by the contribution to the influence that they have made to the influence of the Arts and of Letters in France and in the world”. To know more.

About the Consulate General of France in the Atlantic Provinces.

France has had a Consulate in Moncton since 1964. It is the only permanent European diplomatic representation in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Placed under the authority of the Consul General, Mr. Johan Schitterer, it relays the action of the French Embassy in Canada and a symbol of the unique link between France and Acadia.

In charge of establishing close contacts with the local authorities and the economic, scientific and cultural actors of his constituency, the consul plays an essential role, representing France, facilitating and putting in contact, monitoring and supporting the French services, operators and companies carrying out actions in its area of ​​competence. French consuls abroad are also responsible, with their teams, for offering certain administrative services to French men and women residing in their constituency. They also oversee the organization of national elections in which French people registered on the consular electoral list can take part.



Phil Comeau made an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic –