Paul El

Paul El-Kharrat confided in the columns of Gala this Thursday, November 17. The former champion of 12 Coups de midi made some revelations about his 700,000 euros in earnings.

Paul El-Kharrat is one of the candidates for 12 noon shots that impressed viewers. The young man, only 23 years old, was unanimous in particular thanks to his personality, his knowledge and his difference: the Asperger syndrome which he suffers from. After 153 days on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann, he left with nearly 700,000 euros in winnings. In the columns of Gala, this Thursday, November 17, he made some confidences and mentioned this incredible sum of money. He first indicated that he decided to put his winnings in bank accounts. The goal ? “Live decently in my future life“, he continued. And concerning the gifts he was able to win over the months, Paul El-Kharrat revealed to have only kept some of them. Today, it is with his parents, Sophie and Ali, that the young man lives. However, he assures that he is not against the idea of ​​moving in order to settle alone in the future. His dream ? Pack your bags in Paris.

Paul El-Kharrat has many projects in mind, including moving to the capital. For this, he assured that he will call on the famous real estate agent. “I want to invest in a home, I can’t wait to start the search, but I’m still waiting for Stéphane Plaza’s availability“, he revealed. A project that is close to his heart but for which he does not seem to be in a hurry. Indeed, his daily life with his parents suits him very well and it is in his room that he spends the most of his time.”It’s the place where I feel the best“, he continued before adding that his family cocoon “calms me, reassures me”. A solitude that Paul El-Kharrat greatly appreciates. “I prefer that rather than going out to talk to people who wouldn’t understand me anyway and cause me torment or arouse a feeling of aggression in me”, he assured. Regarding his personal life, the young man revealed that he never fell in love. “I’ve never known this feeling, with the palpitations, the butterflies in my stomach, the infinite pleasure of seeing the other again“, he explained before adding that he does not lose hope of finding a woman with whom he can start a family.

Paul El Kharrat: is he still in contact with Jean-Luc Reichmann?

On April 29, 2019, viewers discovered Paul El-Kharrat. Having become the second greatest midday master, the candidate was highly appreciated by Jean-Luc Reichmann. But are they still in touch? In an interview with Télé Star on October 24, he first explained: “At the moment, I can’t be friends with people. I’m friends with one person, me.” He then mentioned the famous animator: “Why would I be friends with Jean-Luc Reichmann? We haven’t spoken to each other for almost a year for all sorts of reasons that I won’t reveal.“, he said before adding: “I have no direct or privileged contact with this man.” Cash, he had specified that it is a “pathetic pseudo-family, a semblance of good relations between individuals. A kind of societal hypocrisy”. Words that did not go unnoticed.

Paul El-Kharrat (Les 12 Coups de midi): what did he do with his 700,000 euros in winnings?